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Hey y`all, anyone looking for a mate who lives in Miami? If so I`m available for dating. I`m 20 yearsolds, gay, and dom

Hey, I`m Florida Furry who would love to meet more Florida furries! :D
I live in Miami Gardens

Chapter 35 to FOTS, has been uploaded and is on my public timeline due to its nature. This is where we say goodbye to Dr. Mortora.

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Hoping I'm posting this in the right sub-category.

I posted this a little over a year. I'm still amazed by my own works. This series is still being worked on after having posted 33 parts to it now. And my mind is already starting to work on a number of spin off series, that will go into each of the main species mentioned in this series. Finishing it will be bitter sweet, and I'll likely cry for a few days. As I have poured my heart and soul into this, trying to make it enjoyable for all to read. When the end comes I will deeply miss these characters.

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hey is anyone going to the state fair tomorrow?

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Just a quick poll
Who is going to show there furry pride at school?
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Don't care
Furries rule
Don't care
Furries rule

Anyone else being hit by bad weather. Horrible lighting. Fuck Zuse
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