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Research - Investigation - Analysis
Specialized in the investigation and research in insurance business, civil, commercial, industrial, family, etc ...
Our company puts its experience and its important international network at the service of your rights and interests by conducting the necessary investigations.
Also part of a global network of detective agencies that meets high professional standards.
A large part of our activities are carried out internationally.
Beyond this specialization, we are able to conduct any type of investigation of an economic, industrial, commercial or family nature, and to put in place all the necessary methods of investigation :
- We carry out the spinning of the incriminated persons.
- follow-up of fraudulent insurance files
- Real estate research
- Counterfeiting and parallel markets
- Search for fraud in the declaration of a disaster
- Verification of declarations to insurance
- Supervision of your children and their associates.
- The control of your employees on sick leave,
- Look for fake counterfeit customers
- The search for debtors
- Moral or sexual harassment
- School harassment
- Look for addresses, runaways or missing persons.
- Monitor your children outside or inside the country, with a daily, weekly or monthly report
- Commercial and industrial survey
- Business and business intelligence
- Business Due Diligence Surveys
- Verification of customers, suppliers, subcontractors, business partners, etc.
- Fraud Investigations
- Debt collection / mitigation services
- Trademark investigations,
- Audit of professional background
 Professional secrecy
- National and international intervention.
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Grainger Investigations is NOT an agency. Why is this important? You get personal service; Edwin Grainger the Principle conducts the work himself. Most Private Investigation Agency’s employ sole trader Investigators on a case by case basis. This has been the norm for 20 plus years, Traditionally Private Investigators have been Sole Traders who are employed as the Principle by the Client, Sherlock Holmes was not an Agency.

Call us:- 07 3202 3730

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AGENCE CRI est une agence professionnelle spécialisée dans le métier de détective privé. Reconnue à Tours, elle garantit la résolution de vos problèmes, que ce soit professionnel ou particulier, avec un minium du temps via les services d’investigation en France et à l’étranger.

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Detective News is an Investigation News platform, which gives you complete information about the latest World's latest news

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The newspaper online Detective meaning is a legit and target inclusion of occasions on the planet and in Delhi, India

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Main topic in this paragraph Computer Forensic salary, Function of forensic analyst: In the Latin word forensic means public discussion or debate, when we combine forensic and science together, then we get practical use of science, in today’s times, it is playing a major role in resolving court disputes quickly.

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What is forensic analysis?
What is forensic analysis: The task of the forensic investigation is to analyze the criminal incidents and collect their evidence and present it in the court, so that criminals can be punished for their crimes. In the forensic investigation, a detailed description of the incident of crime is made, which, after receiving the incident site or victim, is widely reviewed. Forensic investigations are mostly done in court to present evidence against crime or criminals. It has many modern techniques, modern processes and the role of experts.
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