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Every week we get together to read and discuss success topics as it applies to us. The goal is to create opportunities for us to articulate and speak English in a global setting. Here is this week's youtube live event:

Another resource: You can join A Community for Introduction to Public Speaking, a google community created by students for students

If you have any questions, please email me at
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A resource for collaboration and sharing resources

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Do you believe in innovation for new markets? A classic best seller Blue Ocean Strategy provides a methodology to create opportunity in new markets and controls risk...

Do you like this video below?

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If dollar is the unit of exchange for modern day economics, and English is the Lingua Franca of Global Business. Project Management is the measure for unit of work for all services exchanges.

Here we read and Discuss various Project Management Topics: Reading Materials Included. Join us if you like, email

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Online Event to Success Skills Reading and Discussion: Project Management

This event was created for students of Coursera's Public Speaking class to comfortably and safely engage in orality, vocabulary, and discussion.

Success Skills Group: Reading and Discussion Group - shares reading material and reading discussions on project management. We (Julie Wu Finkelstein of Innovative Alliances, Wendy Bouchoux and Atul Wankhade) aim to create a communicate to collaborate on developing skills for global success.)

Today's readings provide a practical summary of project management. The first article: From Requirement to Execution in 4 Crucial steps - captures the beginning and end points. What is missing is the critical elements of development and change management. Our discussions is interesting in that the Agile Model creates smaller disruptions within shorter delivery timeframes which ultimately is more manageable.

The second article: Extreme Project Management give us some insights when problems hit the fan, which happens at some time for projects of any substantial size and business relevance. One point was that like sports, you can't fire all the team members, sometimes management has to improve. And the other point is in this time of expansion and volatility, project management skills is crtical for individuals and organizations.

For futher information, contact



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​Free Public Speaking class: practice and learn with students around the globe. Prof. McGarrity of U. of Washington State, along with Coursera offers this easy yet penetrating class to learn to be visible, to be public, to communicate.

Here is a overview and is from the Speech Talk Live Program (also included here) by Jay Oza

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Having read Christensen's article and in the middle of Christensen's fertile and potent research on Disruptive Innovation, I am inspired to do a program on it.

I am not sure what it will ultimately look like - but I am do something on on Saturday mornings where I record on youtube live a Read and Discuss Program. I think we will start with this article and see where it goes.

Also, for next year, I will continue the Saturday Read and Discuss Program on themes rather than books. Themes will be shorter, and will be easier to get through. The themes will be based on Success Skills. And I would like to use an informal approach..of getting to things quickly - much like friends brainstorming on the back of a napkin. We all know that many ideas on napkins later become great projects, great papers and great companies.

So, here is Clayton Christen's article on Disruptive Innovation.

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Our online Saturday REadinga and Discussion event

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Julie FinkelsteinOWNER
Uncovering Our Success - 10:50 AM

On Saturday 10 am Eastern time, we have a workshop/discussion on some topics of success for entrepreneurs and everyone else. This week we read beginning with Chapter 38 of Branding You - 50 ways to transform yourself by Tom Peters (author of In Search of Excellence.)

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