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You know it doesn't matter, have you heard of heatdeath the universe will die someday no stars no blackholes nothing legacies don't matter, nothing does, we will be extinct someday so nothing you say or do can phase me, I have heard it all before and I don't care, i use people for what I want and I do feel emotions for anything, you, you aren't worth wasting tame on your just a sad little kid who thinks the world revolves around them, instead of acting like an as winning people's affection works better at pulling you to the top, why push people away and do things your self when you can sit back and have people get things for you, do things for you, be completely under your command, just buy manipulation of the kindness in people's hearts, lies, mixed with truth, convincing your self the lies are real, and a whole slue of other thing, you wont get to the top calling someone a faggot, but will get a new resources pulling the attention of that guy to you off of... A wanted costumer you could say... It's called living easy bub and if you push your best resource (people) to hate you, you ruined your chances at a easy life

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