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I got this strange checkerboard effect while scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10. The website is -
It only does it on that particular page.
Anyone ever seen anything like this before?

Hubris: exaggerated pride or self-confidence.

No, I've been listening to the Makerz. I won't have their problems. I won't make those mistakes. I won't break anything. I won't have a pile of plastic going into the trash. No temperature issues. No stringing. Not me.

One week into my Creality CR-10.
Broken: New fan on the way, somehow I broke a blade off of one of the hot end fans. Here comes a Noctua. About 50% of my filiment that's been printed (not total) is in the trash. I have a three part print of about 14 hours that got broken and put in the trash when I wasn't careful. As much as I like my XU4, I can't use OctoPrint with it. It prints the first print pretty good, but all subsequent prints seem to have disconnection issues on the USB cable after just a few minutes resulting in failed prints.
Inland PLA filament is fine. I believe it is made by eSun. But when it says print at 205C, do it. Lower temps create weak prints that easily break because of bad layer adhesion. More retraction creates much less stringing. I'm at 5mm right now and got a great print on my case for my XU4. OctoPi is the way to go. Solid, stable, easy camera setup. Tape- lots and lots of tape used. Glue - lots and lots of glue used.
Built: RPI 3 case, XU4 case, shelf brackets, mount for Z-axis web cam. Mario figurine. Mini mount for my Google Home Mini.
Thanks for the help. Having great fun!

How difficult is the CR10 3D printer to set up and start printing? I am seriously thinking about getting one.

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The launcher tweaks don't excite me too much, but the new "Your Phone" Windows app might be handy.

by +Ryne Hager

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What are good phones these days? My wife and I have been on used Galaxy S5's for a while now (bought them used, about 2 years ago, just had her charging port repaired and now the phone seems wonkier than it was beforehand).

I've heard rumors there's some security concerns with Huawei and ZTE? Also not a big fan of losing headphone ports (not everything needs batteries and the regular ones just work..), micro sd card ports (even being unable to remove the battery - not a deal breaker.. but really??).

Looking to see who's recommending what and possibly why in order to start looking at replacing at least the wife's phone. Oh, these are GSM, unlocked on Net10 (found unlocked AT&T phones seem to work best with Net10 with T-Mobile phones close behind - at least in our area. Been considering trying Ting but concerned about their Sprint coverage/usage throughout New York State).

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Anyone heard of this SBC? $89-$200 board with or without Win 10 installed but Linux can be placed on it.

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Ehh... I"m thinking an Rpi3, Odroid, Banana Pi, etc. can do just as well and NOT have to run Win10 for less. Thoughts?
Don’t let its small size fool you. This Pocket PC rivals your go-to laptop or desktop when it comes to functionality.
This Pocket-Sized PC Can Run Windows 10
This Pocket-Sized PC Can Run Windows 10
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