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hello? anyone on?
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Name: Nepeta Leijon
Nickname: Nep, Neppers Peppers, kitty bitch
Age: 14 and fiesty!
Gender: Female!
Species: Troll!
Weapons: Claws
Abilities: Can jump super high and is super fucking cute
Bio: she had a lusus, she had her heart broken twice and she got beaten to death by a psyco juggalo
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Hello to all looking for new RP Buddies male or female don't matter to me. I usually use kik so my account on there is Ampora.Eridan come find me if you wish. I'm right now doing a couple of Galactic type things but other than that I'm open for anything!

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a young rainbow girl wonders around the house looking for someone to play with, who is she?
her name is trickster lily, she didn't seem to happy when she didn't see anyone near or around her
that is came into the room
(open roleplay, this  is my first one)

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john is sick and at home laying on the couch bundled up in blankets. He's been having fevers and the stomach bug, but is certain his ill cold is not contagious.
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(this is my first profile, so please don't hate me for this)
name: lily median
age: 15
species: human
weapon: spear
dreamer: derse
god teir: thief of breath
tag: angelicbattlearmor (AB)
*(if anyone wants to rp, please tell me)

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name: Jake noir
age: 17
species: humanoid ghost
gender: male
likes: the piano, rain
dislikes: people hurting his and his friends, his left eye bleeding.
personality: shy quiet boy but when his eye bleeds or something happens to his friends he'll go in a murders rampage.
info: the reason why his left eye bleeds from time to time is because he is slowly dyeing a painful death though he shows no emotion.
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(open rp to anyone)
a girl was running in the woods as it rained in the slender woods as you and your team mates were doing there daily rounds of checking the slender pages
the girl ran and claimed into the trees breathing heavily, smelling of blood and toxic chemicals
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my fma oc sorrow

 Age: un known looks 15
 Gender: female
Birthplace: in a lab 
 Species: Homunculus
 Appearance: long and black hair, lavender blue eyes, tan skin wearing black mid drift t- shirt. black pants, black gloves
profession: works for father
Special Skills: eany and every living thing she touches turns to ash and bone
Weapons: skilled with every weapon 
Personality: shy but out going, odd with showing emotions
Likes: sun light, chocolate 
Dislikes: bing locked up alone in the dark
Biography: made by a mad man that figerd out how to make homunculus, her stone was only half the size of the other homunculus because of this she got the ability of every living thing she tutched life was suked out till it to ash and bone she longs to have a close friend ship with someone but fears she will hurt them

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Name: Piper McLean
Age: 18
Nationality: Scottish/Italian
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Type: Vampire Slayer
Likes: Friends,Books,Swords,Fighting and of course girls
Dislikes: Villians,Bow and Arrows, assassins and boys.
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