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Nickname: Lily
Name: Genesis Lily Moon
Species: Eevee
Gender: Girl
Age: 8
Bio: I've lived in the forest for most of my life, ever since my parents and siblings went missing. I've only ever seen a few human trainers, but I tend to avoid them. I'm a skilled climber, and I rarely come down from the treetops.

(I didn't draw that picture, due to my wonderful camera quality.)

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name: Thunder
species: Pikachu
gender:  Male
age: 10
bio: A Pikachu who loves Water, he never misses a day at the beach! He has a calm personality, great when hittin' some waves!

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name: Sally Tailor
species: Leavanny
gender: female
age: 26
job: Nurse
bio: She may own up to her career as a Nurse but she has a talent when it comes agility. But when an opportunity breaks out, she'll have to choose, her friend or her dream...
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