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HadoCali(my clan) is always looking for serious players. Our dojo has the tenno lab, trading, and an obstacle course among other things. If you are interested please contact me.

Any member on Xbox one send me a friend request to join

Look for the HadoCali/Satsui No Hado Alliance Page on Facebook and drop a like. 

can you add my clan to your alliance? it's called the Krimson Phoenixes. (i need to delete my alliance first, though)

Quick warning if you are not a part of my alliance or clan you will be removed 

All labs except the bio labs are finally complete. We are working on getting mutagen samples now and plastids for our rails 

Farming plastids today for the solar rail 

Are any of you guys trying to join the clan?

3 spots open in the HadoCali Cabinet. Current members are working diligently to complete research. We have two labs left to complete and our first solar rail is being worked on.

Can you add me as a friend on Xbox so we can play warframe together
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