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name: Shadow
Age: 20
species: rex
likes: being alone in one area
dislikes: when a another predator stalks its prey ((me))
personality: calm,kind,sometimes angry,and friendly
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Hybrids will now be a part of the community. Any hybrid that is a mixture of the same class (Ex. Herbivore/Herbivore) receives the same rights that a normal class would. (Ex. Stegoceratops=Slave, Indominus=Ruling Authority) Multi-class hybrid ranks are set up like this.


Receives the Royal privileges that a predator would and fights as a warrior, but is also expected to perform slave work.


Still treated like a slave, but receives more rights.


Serves as a warrior and slave.


Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable and perform slave work.


Receives the Royal privileges that a predator would and fights as a warrior, but is expected to contribute in other means to society.


Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable as well as contribute to society.


Serves as both warrior and a contribution to society.


Receives the Royal privileges that a predator would and fights as a warrior, but also is sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable.


Receives the Royal privileges that a predator would and fights as a warrior, but also serves as an aquatic force.


Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable, but can also dive down into the water and serve as an aquatic warrior.


Receives the Royal privileges that a predator would and fights as a warrior, but is expected to perform slave work. Also Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable in battle.


Serves as both warrior and a contribution to society. Receives the Royal privileges that a predator would and fights as a warrior. Expected to contribute to society.


Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable, but can also dive down into the water and serve as an aquatic warrior. Recieves the Royal rights of a predator and fights as a warrior.


Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable, but can also dive down into the water and serve as an aquatic warrior. Expected to perform slave work.


Sent to scout and hunt down the dying, dead, or vulnerable, but can also fight as a warrior and receives the Royal rights of a predator. Expected to perform Slave work.


Expected to contribute to society, perform slave work, and fight as a warrior in addition to recieving Royal rights.

And so on. The final rank,


Have a higher status than predators, and are seen as the primary ruling authorities of Saurosapien Society. They are not forced to contribute to society or perform slave work, instead serving as last-resort battle forces and giving commands to the predators who pass them on to lower classes.

That's all for now. Toodles!

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Hey I want you guys to help come up with some names for other areas to rp in. And plz explain what is in their

This`ll be a fun Community :3

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Name: Mozart "Dark Fin" Saura

Age: 37

Likes: Swimming, hunting, the sea, quiet, preaching, music

Dislikes: Intruders, land lobbers, runners, cowards

Personality: Wise, head strong, slightly arrogant, funny, fierce

Species: Mosasaurs

Bio: Mozart is one of the highest ranking Aquatic reptiles under the sea and plans to be for a long time. He is one of the most famous Mosasaur's among his allies and is one of the most infamous amongst his enemies. He is highly respected and feared amongst in his district and will do anything to keep peace in it.

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Name: Colossus

Age: 45

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Likes: Hunting & Being Alone

Dislikes: Anyone Trespassing in His Territory or Others Being Rude

Personality: Fierce, Battle Ready & Brave

Bio: Colossus has been one of the most feared predators and still is now. When Colossus was young, he was abandoned by his family and was forced to live on his own. It was hard for Colossus at that time but he grew to be a feared predator by many. He lost his right eye and had many scars from battles but he is still a feared predator.

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Here is the basic information on Saurosapiens. Profile options will be added later.
"Areophis didn't get it's floating landmasses naturally. This was some kind of experiment conducted by an outside force, it's all part of something bigger. The question is, who are we REALLY up against?"


Saurosapiens, sometimes referred to as Sauromorphs are a sentient, multi-species race of reptilian origin. In attempt to distract others from discovering their race, they traveled to the planet Aerophis long before it was discovered by humanity and created floating landmasses to ultimately affect the evolutionary paths of the lifeforms. In addition, they mutated the lifeforms of the ground into deadly killers to force weaker ones to follow flight-based mutations/evolutions and eventually transform them into the mostly-dominant organisms of the planet. They were discovered when new lifeforms began appearing due to a high concentration of mutagen levels after an unidentified craft had entered the planet's atmosphere and left. A dromaeosaurid creature that walked upright and spoke verbally that had been sighted on the planet before the ship had left presented further evidence.*


Saurosapiens have a species ranking system and are mostly judged based on their diet. Herbivores are at the lowest of this system, used as slaves or for labor. Omnivores are above them, still lower than the carnivores but are treated as citizens of Saurosapien society and have more rights. Scavengers are both scout and warrior ranks, sent to survey or study an area before deciding wether or not to send in superior forces. If a battle is in motion, near ending or has concluded, their job is to snuff out the dead, dying, or vulnerable. They usually devour whatever the battlefield has to offer them, but will also take prisoners in the instance of required study, dissection, interrogation, or Slavery. Predators take the higher roles, serving as either soldiers or government officials. They are equipped for both giving commands and combat, using their natural weaponry if not provided with arms.


Of course, a system of castes didn't remain stable for long. Certain Scavengers developed predatory tendencies and the stronger ones declared themselves higher as predators. Excessive discrimination mockery eventually caused many herbivores to snap and rebel against their superiors, which lead to conflict. Wars broke out between different Saurosapien dietary castes, even predators pitted against themselves. Many lives were lost before society finally recollected itself, and balance was maintained once again. Surviving castes were too afraid of the consequences of another war to attempt rebellion.


Saurosapiens are capable of speaking English, but have invented an individual language known as Kapriophalgymyfh in the event of interrogation to prevent foreign races from understanding them. Below are some words and their definitions;

Hejelophartica Narid- Left Ventricle

Gentwalex Loph- Army Ant

Falgameth Sid- Golden Eagle

The investigation continues.
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Basic information about the planet Aerophis can be found here.
(WHEW! This took a long time to make. Enjoy!)


Aerophis is an Earth-sized exoplanet located towards the center of the galaxy. It is sustained by a sun-like star, (Ephius XXI) and an undiscovered moon orbiting it. This planet is within the goldilocks zone of it's solar system and therefore sustains life.


Aerophis is commonly known for possessing floating land masses, which scientists still cannot explain. This affects the overall biology of the planet, causing it to possess more air-dwelling lifeforms than terrestrial ones. Aerophis's surface absorbs a high amount of solar radiation from it's neighboring star, making the majority of it tropical and warm.


In order to spread between each aerial landmasses, some plants have adapted the ability to travel via powered flight. This forces certain herbivores to 'hunt' them in mid-air. An overall higher level of oxygen allows lifeforms, including arthropods to reach massive size ranges. Creatures living on the surface of Aerophis are usually predators, allowing them to easily hunt flying lifeforms that head to the lower levels of the planet in order to scavenge and hunt themselves. Such terrestrial lifeforms include large, land-dwelling reptiles closely related to crocodiles, and Simocyoninae-like mammals. Many of the planet's famous animals are divided into these categories:


Avids are Aerophis fauna that have the most relations to or are birds. Many are capable of flight, but a very small percentage of them are confined to the ground. Avid fauna can resemble prehistoric or modern birds, but varies based on the species.


Aerosaurid refers to any flying reptile that lives on Aerophis. Some are like Earth Pterosaurs, while others resemble dragons.

(Classes of Aerosaurid species)


Pterosaurids are nearly identical to Earth Pterosaurs, though some may possess features such as multi-fingered wings or bare bodies with crocodile-like snouts. Just as in Earth pterosaurs,  Pterosaurids are divided into the Azdharchid, Pterodactyloid, (etc) families.


Dracomorphs are classified for sometimes having more serpentine features, in addition to potentially having more than four limbs (counting their wings). They are not actually dragons, considering they are incapable of breathing fire or possessing the abilities that many portrayed in legend do beyond flight.


Avisaurian fauna are known for having genetic relations/characteristics of both birds and reptiles, which places them closer to theropod dinosaurs.

(Classes of Avisaurian Species)


Dromaeosaurian fauna are raptor-like Avisaurian carnivores that sometimes collaborate in packs to survive and take down their prey. Many are flightless, but some are capable of short-term flight.


Oviraptorosaurid refers to a group of Avisaurian lifeforms. They are omnivores, feeding on anything depending on the size. Many are categorized for having beaks, which they can use to crush their prey, crack open eggshells, and devour vegetation.
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-Name, Age, Likes, Dislikes, Personality, Species, and bio are required in each Profile.

-If you want to make a Saurosapien profile, use this caste system as a reference.


The lower members of Saurosapien society. Treated as slaves and/or labor animals.


Treated as civilians. Expected to contribute to society but receive far more rights than herbivores.


Informants and Scouts of the Saurosapien, Scavengers are assigned to do a regular check of society in order to prevent crime or rebellion. In the event of war, they are first sent to explore the area, and then report back to their superiors so that they may decide wether or not to send in combat forces. When a battle is in motion or has concluded, Scavengers represent the cleanup force, snuffing out and devouring whatever the battlefield has to offer. They seek out the dead, dying, or vulnerable and hunt them down. Scavengers are also sent to retrieve Foreign species for study, interrogation, or dissection.


Seen as the higher government forces of society. Enforce laws and sustain society when scavengers can't, and are experienced in Saurosapien military combat. Also perform roles such as study, dissection, and interrogation.


Treated as hunting animals and guard dogs. Larger ones, like plesiosaur relatives are used as royal mounts or underwater combat forces.*

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