I found solution to work in Hindi on Ainol Novo7 tablet. Install Devanagari Font Installer (Suttit Tech) as per instructions in it. Then install Google Hindi Input and start using Hindi on Ainol Novo 7 Tablets. Hurray I did it.

My Ainol Android tablet doesn't support Hindi (Google Hindi Input). Is there any way to upgrade the BIOS/OS of the tablet to make it Hindi compatible?

ciao a tutti! Volevo chiedere se questo è un buon prodotto, perché voglio comprare

hello to everyone! I wanted to ask if this is a good product because I want to buy

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Ok, das neue +Google+ funktionier am Ainol Novo 7 Crystal - aber nur mit CM10.1

hello everyone,
I recently try to update my ainol novo 7 crystal rom with novo fire but during or after updating its crash or i don't know that what happened with it. now its display gone. nothing show on screen and its like a dead cow. when I connect with computer it shows memory card and else everything f****d.
Can anyone help me to re-install it.


Ainol Store ship products without the necessary legal documentation: for this reason the customs confiscated parcels for several months and then penalize the customer.
I informed Ainol Store of the incident, but do not answer!
Beware people!

Ainol Store takes the money but NOT DELIVERED THE PRODUCT!

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You have CM 10/10.1? You search a new Theme for it? Here you find 266 Free Themes & 328 Paid Themes.

Anyone use the SoulGem rom? That's what I used for my daughter when we gave it to her for Christmas.
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