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Today we're publishing the new TV Input Framework Companion Library for Android TV. This library provides everything you need to get started with building your own TV channels. Big thanks to +Nick Felker for his work on this!

Learn more about it from our blog post, full documentation, and samples at #AndroidTV

Hi All,

Is there any API to send a bundle of data from TV Input Service to TV App, in case of an error (e.g. playback error)?

For example, if there is any error during playback, I want to send the error code along with a Json string (containing error details) to the TV App. The TV App would then show an error message to the user based on the Json string.

I understand that we have a couple of APIs available - notifyError(errCode) and notifyVideoUnavailable(reasonCode), but none of them have a provision to send the additional data bundle.

I'm looking for an API like onAppPrivateCommand(action, data_bundle), but invoked the other way round - from TV Input Service to TV App.

Do we have any standard way of doing this?

Hi guys, in the leanback sample app, I see that the onStop() method calls finish(); When I press home button and app is paused, and I open the app again, shouldn't the app resume play from where it stopped? Is this the updated version or am I missing something here?

Hello Android TV team,

I checkout latest version of LiveTV application from aosp (v 1.13.016) and have problem with parental control.

Use case is:
(OK) 1. enable parental control
(OK) 2. lock some channel
(OK) 3. zap to locked channel
(OK) 4. LiveTV display message that channel is locked
(NOK) 5. LiveTV call onTune function in TIF and tune to channel. Video is not displayed since locked message is shown, but audio is ongoing. Is this normal use case or not? How TIF can know that channel is locked or not? I can get locked value from database, but how to know is onTune called with/without PIN code.
(NOK) 6. If user enter right PIN locked message is removed and video is displayed. Function onTune is not called.

Can you please help me with step number 5 and 6?


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Hello everyone,

How can I present my search result like this? All I can get is card row, but I would like to present mu search result this way.


Hi guys!

Is there any good article or example how to use TvInputService.Session.layoutSurface properly?

I'm trying to extend my tv input with video scaling (analogue to Display Mode from Live Channels) to be used on devices/TV Apps without it (hello, Sony!).
It's used mostly for letterboxed video (16:9 inside 4:3 stream).

So, to layout surface properly I need overlay size (TvInputService.Session.onOverlayViewSizeChanged) and surface size (TvInputService.Session.onSurfaceChanged).

But it looks like Live Channels app sends onSurfaceChanged with overlay's dimensions instead of surface's (bug?).

If I override video size in TvTrackInfo to be 16:9 (I need it, cause if I keep it 4:3 Sony's TV App shows black borders on top of video) I do not get any onSurfaceChanged - it stays 1920x1080 for all videos.

Or did I get it all wrong?

BTW, Is Live Channels app in AOSP/open sourced already? I think there was such mention around.

+Dongwon Kang, +Sascha Prüter

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Hello everyone, im new on community but already develop android for few years and been working with Android TV on the last months. I just implemented global search on my app and followed all instructions here:

My results are displayed correctly on global search but my app isnt appearing as option on detailed screen. I ve added all 4 required columns as asked and didnt understand why my app isnt "available" on watch action.

Can anyone help me? :D

Ruan Vasconcelos

Recent Android software upgrade on my Sony 2015 XBR75X940C 75-Inch 4K broke the audio.. The audio is muffled and can't hear properly..

- Does anyone know how to fix this?
- Does anyone know how i can report to Google to fix this.. Sony customer rep is clueless about it
- Does anyone know how i can turn off software updates in the future?

I am getting an issue while calling my json, where it has images urls, title, Vod Stream urls etc, few parts of vod Categories contains Arabic character in Image Url Example:اعداد-القادة-.jpg
These kind of URls Are in my json i am facing problem to load these images in my app, those which have English character they are showing its images in app.
I am using Volley Library to parse the JSON.

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Recently we released a new open source sample that showcases the different components that come with the Android TV Leanback library. The home screen is a BrowseFragment consisting of a set of different cards, with each card representing a component in Leanback.

Try out the new sample here, and test it out on your TV device or emulator:

There is also the original Leanback sample as well:

If you have ideas for other features you would like to see in our samples, please share them in the comments.
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