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At Google I/O 2017, we announced the new Android TV Home Screen, which is part of the Android O Developer Preview and will be released to the Nexus Player later this year. And the Google Assistant is coming to Android TV as well!

Watch the following video to learn more about the new home screen experience, Google Assistant integration, and supporting APIs. Also, if you interested in building apps for the new Android TV home, check out the following blog post for developer resources to help you get started.


How to reset the focus on the button in the middle of control row Android-tv?

I am using leanback v27.0.2. The problem is once i change the focus from the middle to the left (Rewind button) or to the right (forward button) and the controls fragment disappear on reappear the focus doesn't reset to the middle. I want the focus to reset and appear in the middle on top of the play pause button if the focus wasn't in the middle.

Thanks for the help.


I have implemented the Global Search and I noticed one thing. My Android TV device has setted spanish as language. Then, when I perform a search, for example "Alpha Dog", the query received in the 'query' function of the ContentProvider is not Alpha Dog, is the title of that movie in spanish ("Juegos prohibidos").

It's weird because I expected to receive as query the original title I typed, not its translation in spanish. Can we disable this automatic translation?


is this possible for customize layout in android tv app?
for example i want to make only cards without sidebar presenter? but works well

I am using a horizontal recyclerview in my tv project.I am setting focusable for the recycler view item.So with d pad I can move through.When I am doing normal key press everything works fine.But when I am trying to do a fast scroll with dpad after the focus reach last visible child focus moving to first item and a cyclic focus change occurring .I saw some work arounds ,but nothing is working for me.

is ther any sample which works both on fireTv and android tv

because firetv sample is working in both but not the android Tv leanback sample

Is there a step by step video of how to create a simple listing of categories & links to videos online , in Youtube, vimeo, websites, MOOC servers, etc. as shown in the images illustrating the Leanback format? My experience in android studio ( for that matter in coding ) is =0. Alternatively can anyone do this for me for a fee? Thank you

With the new AndroidTV O is possible to use a custom launcher instead of the standard one. But, I would need to know what are the specific requirements for getting the Google approval for this lancher. Where could I find them?


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Casting with voice commands works on Google Assistant from iOS (iPhone 7) but doesn't work from Android (Pixel 2 XL). I have the same accounts and connected to same WiFi. Does anyone know why??? Thanks.

I had developed the app and want to release for android smart phone, tablet, wear and TV.

I need help to understand how I can prepare build and release apk to upload on google play console.

I had previously uploaded only android smart phone apk on play store right now I need to publish all the platform app on playstore.
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