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At Google I/O 2018, we went over the growth of Android TV, dove deeper into the Android TV Home Screen APIs, and announced two new devices!

Watch the following video to learn more about the current and future state of Android TV.

Hi All,
I have developed a Tv application, customized the Browse fragment so now i have HeadersFragment and RowsFragment. RowsFragment subclass of BaseRowsFragment.
When i scroll up and down the rows, the UI is a bit jerky.
What can be the reason for it. Any idea?

Hello dude.

As you know, google assistant is hot :)
I've used google assistant over my media app at TV.
What I want to do is lower or mute my app volume when google assistant is launched.

There is problem.
When Google assistant is launched ,requestAudioFocus(Audio_LOSS_TRANSIENT_CAN_DICK) is called and then abandonAudioFocus() is called for a moment frequently.
So onAudioFocusChage() at my app is called 2 times quickly.
There is no time to control audio volume at my app.

It's same situation at YouTube with google assistant.
YouTube volume is lower or not changed.

I think that it's google assistant(GMS) problem.
What do you think about it?

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With Google+ shutting down and there still not being a "forum based" alternative I went ahead and created a subreddit. Feel free to join the new r/androidtvdev!

Since Google+ is shutting down can we migrate this community somewhere else? Are other larger communities already on this?


We have an Android TV App which is also made as the default launcher in the box. Google's default launcher has been removed.

When the box boots up, our App comes up automatically.

Our requirement:
When user presses the Home key, we have to navigate to a particular screen in our App. However, currently Android handles Home key itself and does not send it to our App.

Is it possible in our scenario (App being the only default launcher in the box) to handle Home key within the App?

Hi All,
i want to show all tv channels through my android app on smart tv which connects android tv box. how can i access all tv channels by android tv box which connects cable tv connection.
cable tv connection --> android tv box in built tuner --> my android app -->smart tv
is this process possible with out internet?

I have a question about microphone function on Android TV.

I'm trying to record raw sound (a musical instrument, actually) with the MIC and there's no way I can get it to work. This same piece of code works flawless on mi Android Smartphone so...

I've seen that there are some "Audio Recorder" APPs on the store that doesn't work neither. So I think that the MIC isn't actually usable besides voice search function?


Looking for suggestions to add video ads to my app. I looked at Googles Android Mobile SDK for ads and it only had interstitial video ads. The example app seemed to tailer to portrait layout over landscape with the video only on the top half with clickable actions on the bottom half.

I obviously couldn't try production examples without risking account ban.

I prefer YouTube like video ads. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hello Friends. I want to achieve this type of UI. anyone have you any idea how to achieve this ? Please help me.
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