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A few fixes thanks to the feedback of users!

- Fix crash when a list with 0 records was cleaning
- Fix start and end dates
- Fix out if memory issues when pause activities
- Fix IGF not loading after update
- Fix AniList scoretype 0 and 4 not updating records

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Merry Christmas, we just released a Beta!
Some new features are only visible after sync.

- Add support external links
- Add setting to hide list tabs
- Add music info (MAL)
- Add all types for browse (MAL)
- Add custom list support (AL)
- Add browse support (AL)
- Fix ghost records
- Fix notes & reread not syncing (AL)
- Fix forums not loading (AL)
- Update libraries

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Simply searching on YouTube or other external sites with one press :)
Atarashii 2.4 beta 1 coming soon!

Minor bug fixes. Currently we started to work on 2.4 so look forward to a beta :)

- Fix manga not loading due multiple jsonfields
- Fix browse wrong background color for dark theme
- Update libraries

Some minor fixes reported by users :)
Do not forget to report any issues trough e-mail!

- Fix personal tags not displaying (Anime)
- Fix personal tags not updating
- Fix comment not updating
- Fix second quick search not working
- Remove old codes

It has been a few months but I fixed many issues and old bugs!

- Fix AL records not updating (version 2.3.4)
- Fix manga adaptations not displaying in the app
- Fix rewatching lists (sync the list to apply the fix)
- Fix AniList scores crashing when modifying
- Fix AniList scores not saving after the update
- Fix AniList scores not displaying properly

If the scores are still not working please inform us!

How come browse doesn't work on the Anilist version?

Atarashii 2.3.2 stable & beta were just released!
MAL moved the images to an other domain so please sync your list.
- Update libraries
- Update schedule for peformance
- Fix HTTPS MAL issues
- Fix image loading error on detailview
- Fix Android 7 search crash
- Fix history not showing right chapters and episodes
- Remove backup feature (was not often used)
- Remove Latvian language

Some little changes based on feedback!

- Add manga switch for browse
- Replace mobihelp with the webversion
- Fix measure crash on small devices
- Fix search button
- Update translations
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