So! Everyone! I'm sure you have heard of the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra and the Sherlock Fan Orchestra (if you haven't go check them out). I have started a new virtual orchestra dedicated to music from all Movies/Television/Video Games. It's called the Fandom Orchestra. To join email with your name, instruments, musical background, country and age. (The last one is optional, I just want to get an idea of the age range of participants.)

Today, my St George by Duffer tie arrived in the mail! (The same tie David Tennant wore in the Day of the Doctor.) I also have another tie and a shirt on order!

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Yay! First Series 8 Trailer! Can't wait 'till August!

This community is so cool! Fellow whovians unite!

Hi I got asked to join so what do yous talk about

omg the one thing that i want to do in life is to meet and greet the time lord himself...oh that day would be the best day of my life

ok now the first three people to have joined have been premoted to a moderator. treat them with respect please thanks xD sorry to the others but yeah maybe reply to a post and you might just be premoted too but no getting rid of anyone though ok? great 

Hello I'm the Doctor!
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