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New show on Laughing with Cancer with guest Matthew Williams, check it out my friends

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OK my friends, we have a little over 2 weeks to meet our goal for the" Light the night walk" on November 7th here in Phoenix so if you can please donate to the leukemia lymphoma society that would help so many lives and give so many people of all ages even myself a chance at better treatment and a better quality of life. Please go to our team link Team Laughing with cancer to donate
Thank you to everyone who have donated already your generosity is beyond grateful..With that said...
Peace! Love! and stay laughing

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Cancer is something someone hates to hear, be it a simple type or a more aggressive type.  For most people being diagnosed with cancer can stir up all kinds of emotional and physical stuff, also a lot of anger. You ask yourself questions like,"Why is this happening to me", " what is gonna happen to my family", and " what did i do to deceiver this bullshit, SCREW CANCER".  I still have to work, I still have to make a living for my family, how long is that gonna last?

It is important to note that not everyone will go through all of these stages.  If you do, they might not happen in order.  Some people have described a “roller coaster effect,” with lots of wild swings between stages.  At least that's what happened with me.   After the anger, came the denial  " There's no way I have cancer, the doctor must be wrong". Some times they are! So, always get a second opinion.  Try to stay positive at this point for yourself and your family, like i said the doctors could be wrong.

The third and worst at least for me was the depression.  Depression can get in your head and mess it all up.  It tells you to forget about taking care of yourself.  What does it mater, your gonna die anyway right?  Remember my fiends he is not your friend, forget about the drugs and alcohol that depression keeps telling you to do and stand up an say "SCREW CANCER!"

Then there comes bargaining,"maybe if i had done this or that right " "what if its something that will just go away in time and i don't have to worry  about it"  Bargaining is a good way to keep your head  in the sand so to speak.

At that point, that's when acceptance comes along and you accept that you have, cancer. So what should I do to better myself?  Do I listen to the doctor ?  Do I start the chemo, the radiation, herbal cures, essential oils, fruits, diets (to help clean out  the poises  in your body).  However the stages come, it's not that easy and when you think you have figured it all out, the roller-coaster starts all over again.   After everything you have tried to help your self with your situation it all keeps leading you back to anger, which once again, allows depression to weasel its way back in.

Always remember my friends! Cancer can be a blessing or a curse and there are people out there, just like you, fighting this fight!  They are wondering what to do, how to cope, and how to stay positive for their loved ones.  Friends, please find some type of support or listen to my podcast or contact me to talk.  I'm always available and you can email me at,  Facebook Laughing with Cancer , and (of course) on  . Remember my friends, if your not laughing your letting life pass you by!...PEACE!LOVE! and stay laughing


 I am 20 years old and I still wake up in the middle of the night and pinch myself, not to make sure i'm awake,but to make sure i'm still alive. I am a double amputee, both of my legs are gone. Lost them to bone cancer. Sometimes I forget that I don't have them anymore. Sometimes I slide out of the hospital bed in the morning expecting to feel my feet hit the floor, and I don't. I feel the rest of me hit the floor. And yes, it does hurt, but not physically anymore, i'm used to that kind of pain by now, it hurts my heart or my soul or whatever you want to call it, because for a moment, just for a moment, i was normal, and everything was okay.
#cancer #fightingcancer 

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