Need an automator to download particular type of file from a website. For example , there is a website with loads of PDF files and I would like to have a automator service to download all of them in one go rather than downloading one by one.

I am using BTT (Better Touch Tool) with the MacBook Pro (Touch Bar model) ... Wondering if there's any way to remove the "x" that shows up at the far left of the touch bar, as it changes the location of the "esc" key depending on what app is running!

Hi all!

If seems that shortcat hasn't been developed in a few years ... are there any alternatives? Shortcat allowed users to select clickable links with a GUI where you could type the first few letters of the link.

Also wondering if there's a good thread of touch bar hacks, perhaps with better touch tool?

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A simple bulk email tool for macOS.
Now at €*4.99* only.

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Scriptarian turns AppleScript scripting dictionaries into native Swift interfaces and lets you automate macOS with Swift!

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If you're new to Alfred, or you're existing, I invite you to attend this webinar. Feel free to share how you're using Alfred. Register here:

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This is my second webinar. Hope you can join in. Look forward to meeting you. 


After evernote decided to raise there price, I decided to look into moving from evernote to something else. I've tried OneNote but man it's slow and don't sync very well all my imported notes from Evernote. I tried DS notes on the Synology, works ok, but I'd like to look more at Apple notes. The major problem I have with it is that I can't find a way to clip articles from the web (in safari). With the share sheet, all I get is the title and a little preview of the article. That's not what I want, I want the content like Evernote does. So I looked into workflow on iOS to do this but can't figure out how to do this or if it's even possible. I think I heard something about it on MacPowerUsers Podcast, but I can't find it anymore.

I have almost 300 recepees taken in Evernote and a near 900 other notes, ranging from pdf to text to images to web pages and it's working good in evernote, but paying upwards of 100$ in CAD, that's way too much.

Any suggestion to get the content of web pages into Apple notes from iOS and the mac. I have pretty much all automation tool so don't hesitate to suggest something using those as well.


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Mac Tip - Use an automator action to voice control your Mac

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