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Hey hey everyone!!! Now that my friend who is the owner of this community has gotten their account back, as well as made me a Moderator, we will be able to interact more and do more roleplays!! So please don't be afraid anymore to join in and say things!! If you also want OC help, I'll be glad to assist you!! So let's do it!!))

I am going to be uploading a profile template soon and if you would like to be approved so you can rp and stuff please repost your OC with the templates layout if it is not in that format you will not be approved. Thank you

Something that honestly frustrates me for Hetalians is the fact that some people have made Byzantine Empire OCs, but it's a historical fact that the Byzantine Empire WAS IN  FACT the Holy Roman Empire as well. You don't have to make an OC when there's already that character made, and I know many may argue saying, "But the Byzantine Empire was only the East Roman Empire and not the Holy Roman Empire!!!" WELL NEWS FLASH, that's not 100% true!!! The Byzantine Empire was, yes, the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, but because it had legalized Christianity for the entire empire, they'd become the Holy Roman Empire. You may still argue and say, "Oh, but doesn't that mean that you're backing up the fact they were two different times when it was the Byzantine Empire and THEN became the Holy Roman Empire? It shows they were separate before!!" And I can say again, YOU'RE NOT UNDERSTANDING ME!!! It doesn't make a difference that they are different empires!! To put it easier, just imagine it being the same as one person who doesn't have a religion wants to convert to having a religion and then becomes religious. That's basically it!! They'll still be the same person, just with a new belief!! So, replace that imaginary person with the Hetalia personification of the Holy Roman Empire. It's basically the same thing; at one point, he was the Byzantine Empire and without religion being a part of him, then he became the Holy Roman Empire and did have religion be a part of him. There's not much to it! I can understand those who might use a very similar design to H.R.E. yet alternated in a few ways to design their OC for the Byzantine Empire, but to have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSONIFICATION ISN'T RIGHT!!! They are the same person, enough said. I may make my own example for this so it's more understandable if some still don't get it, but I hope with this explanation you can at least get most of it. Thank you for taking your time to read all of this~))

From now on please post in the correct category and if there is no category for what you want to post please inform me by private messaging me and it will probably be added))

Revamping this community in a bit! Hype up!

Can someone make a puerto rico oc but please research the culture before hand thank you XD

Name:Puteri Shariza Alia
Personality: Tsundere,Kuudere,tends to speak broken English when exited, polite,good at sport,a new member from the Magic trio and the Awesome team (including Korea),studious at magic and other subject, genius, hates the BTT,sometimes a rebel,great at drawing, sometimes play games on her phone,beautiful, too popular among students and teacher, rich ,rule follower, neat ,sometimes she gets a insomnia ,great at singing and playing the violin ,great at dancing, great at cooking ,have a LOT of friends , great at self defence like kung fu,sword fighting, taekwando,karate and many more,strict,strong, fast,on times and mature
Likes:Magic trio,Awesome team,cooking, drawing,hanging out,study,magic,reading books
Dislikes:non delicious food, being bullied,being teased,someone's lies to her,broke a promise to her and wreck her stuff
BFF:Indonesia and Philippines
Friends: Italy,Germany,Japan, America,India,China,Portugal,Netherlands, Thailand and Austria
Father figure:England
Nemesis: The BTT
Lil bit history about Malaysia:
When she was a child,she always on the move. She sometimes go to Japan,go to England, go to Netherlands then Portugal. Then one day in 1957,she wants independence from England bc she old enough to live on her own.

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[] Redo Time!~ []
¡Que tal amigos! Its a pleasure!~

Name: Mia "Mexi" Esperanza Rosaria
Former name: Quiauhxochitl ((Rain flower {Nahuatl Language} ))
Nation/State: México
Age: 19 Years (September 16 1810) Yaya! :D
Height: 5'2 ( 157.48 Cm) Weight: Noooo?-
Overall a short young lady usually in dresses, or something of bright color or traditional along with a red ribbon/scarf tied around her neck. Long brown poofy, wavy hair and bright orange eyes. Light tan skin.
Personality :
She can be a pretty tough feisty one. Er... Along with being proud, cocky, and stubborn (which kicks her in the rear sometimes) . Regardless she's usually carefree, kind, friendly to others. A very loyal friend. And usually gets excited and bubbly, especially around tradition and festive seasons.
Likes :
Monarch Butterfly migration. She loves home grown fruits and veggies, in particular Oranges and Avocados. Enjoys gardening and playing her trumpet. She also enjoys company from familiar, friendly faces and sometimes playing in friendly competition (Even though she gets beat more often...) She also likes exploring and celebrating her culture and other culture from her Latin American siblings. Food!

Dislikes the mayhem going on not only at her home, but also in Central and South America. Dislikes ignorance or harmful misleading information. Lazy or deceitful people.

Extra Info
She's friends with a Golden Eagle named Monte.

(And that's it, For now! ^^; )
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These are my oc's Sor and Norte who represent south and North Mexico
i do realize Mexico is technically cannon but... 
1)i made them way before i knew that
2)Mexico hasn't really been given a physical form by Himaruya yet so i guess i'll just use mine as a type of AU sort of thing till the official design comes out.
Sor/South Mexico
Human Name- Marisol Dahlia Garcia
Age Appearance- late 20's
Birthday- Sept. 16
Height- 5'3
Weight- 148 lbs.
Hair- Dark Brown;Long and curly. she just wears it in a braid all the time to keep it out of the way.
Eyes- small and dark brown
Apparel- she wears a poncho with a white dress under, red sash, and white sandals with a dahlia flower in her hair. (the dahlia flower is Mexico's country flower)
Curl represents Zacatecas.
Personality- Sor is the older of the Mexico siblings. She was raised by her father Aztec Empire but then by Spain once he took over. She has mixed feeling about Spain because he changed everything about her beliefs and customs but he also took care of her like a daughter. She cares for her little brother deeply and unintentionally babies him from time to time(which he sometimes hates). She is pretty cheerful and playful. She jokes around a lot and loves cooking and hanging out with her friends. Her best friends are Belgium and Netherlands. She is very active and her favorite sport is soccer. She has a crush on Japan and likes to stop by whenever just to sight see, and Japan does the same. They both think that each others scenery is beautiful. Sometime she'll flirt with Japan just to see him get flustered. She can be flirtatious at times. 
Norte/North Mexico
Human Name- Juan-Carlos Santiago Garcia
Age Appearance- 19
Birthday- Sept. 16
Height- 5'5
Weight- 165 lb
Hair- Black and choppy
Eyes- dark green
Apparel- he wears his military uniform which is a dark olive green, a bullet belt around his torso and a red bandana around his neck. 
Curl represents Chihuahua
Personality- Norte is the younger one of the Mexico siblings. He was raised by the Aztec Empire but then later by Spain. He doesn't really like Spain due to the fact that he pretty much killed his father. he doesn't have much of a good attitude and is pretty pissy most of the time. Oddly even tho he is younger, he drinks more than his sister.(the drinking age for mexico is 18) He has a big crush on Belgium tho. He doesn't like to admit it, hes a total  tsundere. Just like his sister, he loves playing soccer. He's best friends with Netherlands and Russia. he does claim that russia does freak him out from time to time. 
thats all for their profiles. sorry i didnt draw Sor's other eye, i have a super tight schedule and didnt have time. i'll post a colored version once i finish and get time.

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