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how kollie meets Slendor

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should i draw kollie meeting slendorman?
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This is kollie

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Thanks for letting me in <3

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CHIBI'S! Holy shiz they are cute like this. I just love how Slenderman is like, I don't like this with his little arms crossed.

What's HappyPasta? I know what CreepyPasta is- but not HappyPasta. Is it just happy cp OC's?

Hey, so this is one of my Creepypasta OCs, and she's not finished yet, but this is what I have. I wanted you all's thoughts and perspectives on her and some ideas if you have any! ^^

Real Name: Tanya Dzhugmagliev
Creepypasta Alias: Silver Fang
Nickname(s): Tali(pronounced tally)
Age: 17
D.O.B: January 15th
Ethnicity: Belarusian
Love interests (current): Jeff the Killer
Likes: apples,
Favourite colour(s): red, hot pink, silver
Favourite animal(s): cats, raccoons, pandas
Favourite Food(s): Apples/the legs of her victims
Hobbies: singing, writing
Job(s): None
Victim(s): Women in their early 20's, and on occasion males ages 13 to 16
Theme Song: PASWG - D City Rock (Anarchy)


- Nikolai Dzhugmagliev (also known as Metal Fang;father;alive;free man)
Friends: Jeff the Killer,Hoodie,Masky,Jane the Killer,Clockwork,BEN Drowned
Love interests (back then): None
When Tanya was little, she saw a part of a dead body her father had cut up and served to her friends that came over to play. Shocked but still aware, she decided not to say anything to her father, fearing he would get upset and possibly kill her. Still fearing her discovery would catch up to her, Tanya spent most of her life following in her father’s footsteps, hoping it would be some sort of obligation if she were ever to get found out. Fortunately, authorities never knew because they were too busy with her father. Eventually, the chance of getting caught in her hometown was too large, so she ran into the forest to hide for a little while. She then stumbled upon the Creepypasta Mansion, and that is where she stays for the majority of her time unless she goes out to kill someone.

(1 being horrible and 10 being expert level)
Combat with guns: 4/10
Combat with knives: 8/10(she uses an axe, so I guess more than anything this is blades)
Hand-to-Hand combat: 3/10
Mind control and/or possesion: 1/10
Stalking: 7/10
Driving people insane: 6/10
Driving people to suicide:1/10
Overall murder: 6/10

Body figure: Athletic
Skin: White
Eye colour: Brown(she wears red eye contacts)
Hair colour: Black
Facial Blemishes: None
Tattoos: One on her left hand(still creating design)
Scars: None
Jewellery: None
Casual clothing:*still thinking*
Formal clothing: still thinking
Notable physical features:None

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My first HappyPasta OC! I worked really hard on him too. Also, he was bought as an Adoptable from GhostfaceNichole from DA, so all credit also goes to her for the original design. 

(Biography) W.I.P "Work In Progress":
HappyPasta Name: Happy Tears
Real Name: Skyler Thomson (Before he died) 
Age: 10 (Before he died)
DOB: February 12, 1984
Gender: Male
Relationship: Single 
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 4' 2 (Tall)
Weight: 80
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Kind, Happy, Sneaky Type, Quiet, Social (Whenever he finds someone in common with to talk too. Then he's social.)
Likes- Kittens, (Cute Baby Animals), The Carnival, Hiking/Traveling, (BirthDay) Parties, Colorful Balloons/Flowers, "Basically anything super cute!" 
Dislikes- Death, Spooky Stories/Myth Legends, Water/Pools, Straight Jackets, Nature Disasters, Sick Animals/People.
Weapon Of Choice- Joy & Laughter, Balloons and Sparkles. 
Weakness- Depression, Bullying/Teasing, Scary Stuff, Water/Deep Swimming Pools, "Basically anything from his dislikes". 
Appearance- Plain T-Shirt, Shorts, Sneakers/Socks, etc. "Like what every little boy wears". ShrugShoulders
Secret Crush- No One. "At least not yet". 
Nationality- United States, New Jersey.
Occupation: To make people happy not sad. 
Cause of Death- He was so happy that he literally choked on his own tears and saliva and died from excitement at his own BirthDay party the year he died. 
Friends: SlendorMan, Deathly & Lovely, Diarry, The Box, 
Backstory- (W.I.P) "Work In Progress"...

Hello Everyone!

So I'm wanting to make a HappyPasta Character..
some of the ideas are from my good friend Ichigo :D

So my oc is a girl and she's happy and wants people to smile
I sort of combined the joker and pinkie pie
*I don't know if she should be dangerous also...

Now for the weapons....

I was thinking of a chainsaw but it's all happy 
and for the blood I was thinking multi-colours
like in danganroupun I think that's how it goes

and the second one is that buzzer thing what the joker used
like whenever you shake it buzzes 
and they faint, but they don't die they go off to the races and dreaming sunshine and rainbows...

I hope you guys can help me I'm pretty new to the fandom
I'm thinking of making a creepypasta character also 

Come on guys! I would love to some of your artworks for HappyPasta OC's and HP in general. This group is getting a bit too quiet. XD
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