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Welcome to Feel The Wear (FTW) community

Here I will post tips and tricks how to solve the most common issues, describe app's advanced features and more. You can report bug reports and request new features here.

Here are some most common issues and their solutions

Double vibrations cause and solution can be found in this Google+ post

There are several reasons why sounds do not work, check this Google+ post for solutions

There are also several causes why the app can stop working after some time. Check this Google+ post for solutions

Muting of vibrations is for vibrations played by my app only, for more information check this Google+ post

App stuck on installing/updating can have several causes, check this Google+ post please

Phone calls are tricky because Google does not give us an option to disable the default vibration. Check this Google+ post for more information

Unfortunately the Gear S2 and S3 are not an Android Wear watches. They use Samsung's own system Tizen OS and that is not yet supported in my app.

There is no difference between the multiple prices for premium. All prices will unlock all the premium features. I am giving an option how much users want to support me and the further development of the app.

App translation
All translations are created by my users and any one can localize the app to their language or improve the current translation. All the needed information can be found in this G+ post

You can join my beta testing here I release beta versions only from time to time and the updates will be installed as normal updates via Google Play. The app will show in the about dialog that it is a beta version and in-app purchases do not work in them.

Can this app be programed to vibrate say every 5 minutes during the day as a reminder to stay on task for someone with ADHD. I have a stand alone band that does that, it works but it is not programmable. I like to work out so the perfect senario is a fitness watch that will also keep me on track.

Basically I want to get email notifications from Inbox on my phone but Gmail on my watch. Is there a way? Inbox doesn't show full emails on the watch but Gmail does, yet Inbox is my main email app. I could set up notifications for both apps and use AutoNotification to dismiss Gmail from the phone but this would dismiss it from the watch too. Any ideas?

Is anyone using Feel The Wear with Tasker? I'm trying to get an intent to work, but so far, no luck. I created a single action of send intent in a task, but FTW never receives it. Hear is the description of the task. I've tried several variations on the task shown. What am I not understanding?

Test Task (112)
A1: Send Intent [ Action:sk.martinflorek.wear.feelthewear.command.FEEL Cat:None Mime Type: Data: Extra:sk.martinflorek.wear.feelthewear.extra.PATTERN : 150:400:150:400:150:400:150:400:150:400 Extra: Extra: Package: Class: Target:Broadcast Receiver ]

我是asus ZenWatch2,我有設定line訊息通知,可是只有震動沒有訊息內容,這是什麼原因?

There are times when the watch vibrates and doesn't stop. The only remedy is to shut down and restart the watch. Is there another way to mitigate this issue.

One more question. After doing another factory reset on my Zenwatch 2 I have sounds again.
How can I temporarily mute watch without shutting off the display with Theater Mode? I had to turn off my watch during a meeting to silence it. The regular mute option does nothing.

I just got the Android Wear 2.0 update on my ZenWatch 3. Now, not only do I not get notifications (calendar, texts, mail, etc.), I also don't get any of the sounds I set up with your app. Is there something I'm missing that needs to be adjusted?

Hi Martin!

I have a ZW2. Your app worked well to begin with, then the sounds disappeared. I did multiple factory resets on my watch an uninstalled/reinstalled and sometimes it comes back. I had it working yesterday but it stopped today.
The only pattern I see is related to putting the watch in Theater mode. (I'm not certain of this.)

On a related issue: I need to silence the watch sometimes. Do Not Disturb and mute on the watch no longer have any effect since installing Feel The Wear.

Finally, I Really like this app when it works. I especially like the
"mute when charging" mode. How can I pay without using my phone.? It belongs to my employer. They would not be happy. Thanks!

I'm looking for a solution. Perhaps this app offers it.

I would like my watch to go into Do Not Disturb when my phone does. I have it set for nights and weekends like that on my phone. I read that Wear 1.0 synced Mute settings but Android Wear 2.0 lost that feature.

Does Feel the Wear have a setting like this?
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