Hey everyone! I had one of my gms drop last minute. Anyone able to run Bluebeards Bride Friday at 8 pm - 12 am and/or Saturday at 8 pm - 12 am at Pax Unplugged?

Thanks so much! Can provide a badge and a free rpg book from Magpie games!

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Hey amazings!

Pax Unplugged is around the corner and I still need a few more gms to run Bluebeard's Bride, Urban Shadows, and Zombie World (or a magpie game of choice) for the convention! Come join me and the Magpie team at Pax Unplugged and make awesome gaming happen!

I'm setting the final schedule so I need you to apply ASAP! 12 hours of games gets you a badge and a book! 8 hours gets you a book!

I can't wait to see you there! Check out the link below to apply and share this far and wide!


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We know the imminent G+ shutdown is lingering in the back of all our minds! Before we get sucked into the black hole that can be the holiday season, we would like to gather some intel on where and how our fans would like to transition this community.

Some of you may already use Discord or Reddit, but we know some people find those spaces difficult to navigate. That said, some people want to avoid using Facebook for gaming conversations. While there might not be a perfect space, we’d love a medium in which everyone feels comfortable free to engage, and able to easily reach out to us with questions about gameplay, mechanics, etc.

In addition to options like Discord or Facebook, we’re also considering opening up our own Magpie forums on magpiegames.com as we revamp the site over the next couple of months. Please let us know if that option seems of interest to you!

Let the polling commence! And, of course, more detailed feedback in the comments is always welcome :)
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Hello everyone!

Played the game last weak and it went fantastic!

Still got a question I wanted to ask:
Regarding trauma: when does the whole bride takes trauma and went is it only the active sister?
I thought that only the active sister could take trauma related to horrors and only upon leaving a room the whole bride would take trauma, but listening to a few APs it did not seem that it was the case...

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Hey amazings!

Just a reminder that Magpie still needs some GMs to run Bluebeard's Bride (and other awesome Magpie games) at Pax Unplugged! Join Team Magpie and help us making gaming at Pax U awesome!

If you run 12 hours of games, you'll get a badge and a Magpie book of your choice! If you run 8 hours of games, we'll give you an awesome Magpie book of your choice!

If you'd like to run games, check out the form below!


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I finally ran my first session of this last night. I set the mood with candles and a (handily pre-existing) Spotify playlist. The first room took me a little while, but then we settled into a rhythm. Great game.
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Ever dreamed of running a campaign at convention? Here's your chance! To apply head to http://bit.ly/MagpiePAXGM

I ran Bluebeard's Bride for the first time last night and it went ok. Just ok. I'm not too proud to say that I struggled sometimes and I'm wondering if people have any great ideas for making it easier.

More than anything, I struggled with the amount of improvisation the game requires. Based on my reading of the core rules, rooms are to be generated spontaneously once keys are described, as are the room threats, and any servants or horrors therein. This is A LOT when you're trying to tie room design to key descriptions and threats to wedding preparation. Additionally, you have to be prepared to answer complex questions potentially depending on what moves the sisters take - e.g., why did Bluebeard keep this? What memories does this object hold?

It was a real struggle for me at times to keep all the balls in the air when manufacturing everything out of whole cloth. What have folks found to make this easier? Are there any pieces that can be done ahead of time to make things easier?

Is there any way to run a game for more than 5 players?
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