Just curious (as I'm hoping to run this, this weekend). What is a 'burden'?

In the Start of Session summary, Step 2 says "Have them fill out wedding prep, stats and burdens". But I can't see that on the playbooks.

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Check out +Whitney Beltrán talking with Dr. Tom!
+Dr Tom the Frog is back, and this time he chats with the witty and creative +Whitney Beltrán, aka Strix!

(seriously, this is a high watermark in the Dr Tom history. The show's never looked better and Strix is an amazing guest!)


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Listen to +Sarah Richardson talk about Bluebeard's Bride in an episode subtitled "I can take the pain" and includes links explaining the terms "manpain" and "fridging". It covers horror, femininity, and how it can be fun to combine the two.
The Curators podcast kicks off 2017 featuring +Sarah Richardson talking about +Magpie Games «Bluebeard's Bride», feminine horror, and designing around hack and slash. Also: «Tao Long» by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, «Infected: The Board Game» by Jose Guizar, and «Spinagogue» by Eric Pavony.

You can listen here: http://buff.ly/2jjsjsa

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Amazing illustration inspired by our Bluebeard's Bride Game https://youtu.be/EelMonZRLG0
Author: https://twitter.com/Vlad_Temper

I missed being able to back or pledge. Will the full set be available to buy in the future?

I'm excited to run/play this game. I may wait till the full game gets released or I may not as I also have a hack of the mechanics in mind. Looking over the prerelease I have a question:

For the Martyr move "When you offer forgiveness for a sister’s sins, mark trauma, 1 for 2, to heal that sister." Does that mean that the Mother takes 2 Trauma to heal 1 Trauma of another sister or is it the reverse that the Mother takes 1 Trauma to heal 2 Trauma? The former is powerful. The latter is heavy but possibly fine.

Also more of a game design question for +Whitney Beltrán, any reason why you choose to have the only thing that rolls are used for is the Ring Moves? I ask as I could totally see moves like the Martyr move and the Bear move be more interesting with a bit of randomness. For instance, The Bear move could be rewritten as "When a Sister incurs trauma, you can step in and punish the sister who truly deserves it. Roll + Carnality. On a hit the guilty sister to marks trauma instead, on a 7-9, and mark 1 for yourself as well, as your failure to prevent this is self evident."

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One thought I had - can Bluebeard's Bride be played with Bluebeard as a woman, or is masculinity a core part of the character? And if Bluebeard can be a non-cis-male, how might that change the dynamics of the story?

Thought was inspired by a story called 'My Lady's Maid' from the Podcastle podcast , which seems to fit the Bluebeard mold despite being about two women - (http://podcastle.org/2015/12/01/podcastle-392-the-ladys-maid/).

I just wanted to say congratulations to the Bluebeard's Bride team for an amazingly successful Kickstarter! I have plans to take the beta PDF materials with me to a holiday gathering here in a couple weeks and try to play a game or two with friends. I hope I can also record a session so I can share our game with everyone.

Great work again, Magpie Games team! I'm really looking forward to my rewards. :D

Bluebeards Bride is at 100k! So excited, can't wait to get all the things! :D 

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Here's an interview with Marissa & myself.
Check out this wonderful interview with Marissa Kelly and Sarah Richardson on Bluebeard's Bride.
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