sits alone in a bar smoking as she watches gouls run wiled in the small town se was in. as one attacks or ttys to attack her she kills it by shutting it in the head and blows the smoke of the sigeret well time to get to work eyes glow blue

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name: tanaga (god by tana or fang)
age: unknown looks 19
gender: female
weapon: a silver aloy piste and a lot of deferent bullets 
rank: well she likes to lead but will follow to so it depins
crush: nun 
works fore: unknown but minions the compony ouroboros  
race: geneticly made werewolf
looks: pics ( the one is size comparison)
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I am Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, I am the head of the Hellsing Corporation.

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Weapons:Golden Pistol,Knife/Sword,Some other guns
Rank:Second Leader of The Millennium Organization.
Crush:Secertly Likes the major,some others
Bio:I have know the Major for a while,And later on I climbed up to Second-In-Command
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