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Namma Samsaara - Means "Our Family"
Vision: To built an orphanage with a family environment where kids should not feel that they are living in some orphanage. A unique family with orphans and old-age members.

Concept: Let consider A,B,C & D
A,B = kids,     C,D = widows, grand ma, grand pa, single ones

First we will adopt 2 kids i.e A,B and then we will adopt C & D.

Then we will give responsibility of each kid to elder ones in the same house only, like 'A' kid will be taken care by 'C' grand ma, 'B' kid care given to 'D' grand pa, so here 'A' kid will get 'C' as her grandma, same way 'B' kid will get 'D' as his grand pa and meanwhile 'C' & 'D' grand parents will get 'A' & 'B' as their grandchildren respectively. SO here we will try to create small small family, where no one should feel like they are alone. So all these members will be under one family i.e Namma Samsaara. This is the main concept.

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