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bhikkhu samahita

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Wise + Virtuous = Worthy!

Pure innocence is both sweet and strong!
Daily Words of the Blessed Buddha: The Blessed Buddha once said: Pandito sīlasampanno, Sanho ca patibhānavā, Nivātavutti atthaddho, Tādiso labhate yasam. Worthy, wise and virtuous: Who is wise and virtuous, Gentle and keen-witted, Humble and amenable, Such One will gain fame.
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Erik Pema Kunsang

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Our world is beautiful and magical, mysterious, ugly and gruesome. Most people would agree that it’s an amazingly beautiful planet and we want it to stay that way. Nonetheless we as humans are living in a way that is fast destroying the foundation for our experience.

Part 1 of Adam Dreisler's serialized manual.
This manual is an offering. An offering to the world with the prayer that we may be better to live in it and thereby makes it better to live in. Our world is beautiful and…
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How to let the Self die - Is God good?(Answers)Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh

Get the answers here -> :

Have good all days ;)
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Tony Mushin

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Just found this group so thought I'd say Hi,(Hi).
The name belonging to this bag of bones is Tony,and I live in Dorchester in the UK. This is a small town and as a result my practice is a predominantly solitary one.But that is okay.Even people that don't know what a sangha is are a part of mine.Sometimes my greatest teachers are people just going about their lives.Wisdom,being neither high nor low can be found in the gutter just as it can be found during zazen in the most beautiful of monasteries.
I hope you are all looking forward to Buddhamas. As it says in the sutras, it is our 'job' to ease suffering when we can.Enjoy yourselves at this time of year, but also, remember those who still suffer, and if you can, be there for them...Peace to you all...Love, Tony.....
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John Sykes

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My name is John Sykes from a little town in a little state in the US.  My Theravada practice has taken me off the cushion with a group called Interfaith Power and Light, which seeks to address the causes and effects of global warming.  Lately, we have been working to help low-income people lower their utility usage and costs through energy efficiency and behavioral change.  We also hit the streets of advocacy to help others become more aware of the urgency of this challenge.
Home · Our works · Our congregations · Learn · The basics · Policy · Sea-level rise · Extreme heat · DEIPL wiki · More resources · Get a speaker · Act · Become a member congregation · Become a supporter · Donate · About DEIPL · What we believe · The Board · DeIPL staff · National organization ...
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thank you, John. :)
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Respected and Venerable Banti's, Bhikkunis, Upasikas, Upasikis, Brother's and Sister's Jai Bheem and NAMO BUDDHAYA.

Dear Dhamma friends I am happy to send this e-news letter 0f 2013.  Actually I m suppose to send it right after May 25th, 2013 right after Buddha Jayanti celebration.  But I couldn't able to do because my both feet got burned as the climate was at about 50 Degree forein heat and I am Diabetic who never takes any medicine as the Doctor's are not available in my town and I have to go to Vijayawada about Eighty Kilometer's Distance.  As my financial condition is Total 0 so I did not go.  As the days passed my legs and Feet situation become worse so I went Vijayawada and took Roots Medicine also called as Ayurvedic or Moolika Vaidyam. So after three Months my feet become better so i could able to prepare this news letter.

Recently I took 4 people to Bodh Gaya so they have taken Buddhism as their religion.  I am adding one Photograph of it along with above celebration.

In the same time I attended National Conference on Buddhist Marriage Act at Bodh Gaya.

I would like to thank the Buddhist Society of India under the leadership of Maha Upasika Meerataiji Ambedkar, Advocate Prakashji Amedkar and the General Secretary Mr Jagadish Gawaiji for orally appointing me as the state Convenor of BSI-Andhra Pradesh on 6th December, 2013 at Chaitya Bhoomi where the BSI national Executive took place.

And specially Congratulate Mahaupasika Meerataiji YeshwantaRaoji Ambedkar for getting stay Order and I hope full Judgement will come in favour of Mirataiji.

And Specially would like to thank you for the Free Buddhist Literature I am getting from and THE CORPORATE BODY OF BUDDHA  EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION. Due to their free supply of Buddhist literature in Telugu Language I could able to distribute freely and able to propagate Buddhism.

As we started Buddhist Society of India Branch at Jaggayyapeta I Started conducted every Sunday the Gathering of Buddhists.  It went on well as my Health got spoiled due to Diabetic.

But I did not stopped spreading Buddfhism inspite of my ill health.

In the month of March 2013 I attended Jyothiba Phule celebrations at Guntur City.

In the month of April I attended the Birth-Day Celebration of Dr. Babu Jagajeevan Ram the Dalith Deputy Prime Minister of India.

In the month of April I attended the Birth Celebrations of Dr B.R.AMBEDKAR who  is father of Constitution of India and Re-inventor of Buddhism in India and also the Founder of THE BUDDHIST SOCIETY OF INDIA.

So In this way I am working hard to spread the message of Lord Buddha and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.

So Dear Buddhist Friends and Ambedkarites please help me financially, materially and whatever the way you can.

Here along with my Ambedkarite Buddhist friends I am trying to consruct Buddha Vihara just beside the about2,000 year old Boudha Stupa.

We are planning to open Buddhist Monastery and training centre for upcoming Buddhist Upasakas and possibly for Bhanti's as well.

We are planning to open School for the poorest of the poor i.e., the untouchables,

We are planning to open mother and child centre's among the poorest of the poor

We have so many ideas, but don't have any money or any other resources.

I STARTED A POLITICAL PARTY ON APRIL14th 2005. iT'S NAME IS "BAHUJANA SAMKSHEMA SANGHAM".  I need like minded Buddha, Phule, Ambedkarites to support me financially, or join with me to take this political party for ward so I along with your help can establish a Political Party with Buddha, Phule and Ambedkarite Principles.  Please help and if many body is interested please contact me immediately.

So dear Buddhist friends Please help us in whatever the you can

Namo Buddhaya, Jai Bheem,

H.No: 11-107/5, Mittagudem,
jaggayyapeta- 521175,
Krishna District,
Andhra Pradesh,
Cell No:08985461809,
online bank account IFSC No:SBIN0005378 & A/c No:31041555772, State Bank of India Branch at Jaggayyapeta, krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
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Recently I visited Nagpur City to attend Bliss Conference and given speech on buddhist monuments in Andhra Pradesh.  Then I Visited Dr Babasaheb's Deeksha Bhoomi for the first time and committed myself to spread Ambedkarite Buddhism

Namo Buddhaya and Jai Bheem

dear fellow buddhists, on Dec4th to 8th I will be attending the buddhist society of india National executive which will take place at Chaitya Bhoomi, mumbai.

If anyone would like to sponsor ten people to attend this event please help financially, it will cost 30,000(thirty thousand rupees only).

thank you and namo Buddhaya and Jai Bheem
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bhikkhu samahita

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Friendship is the Greatest!  

Most Advantageous is Friendship!
Friendship is Most Advantageous! Hello Friend! Meeting the locals ;-). Buddha once explained the Advantages of Friendship (Mittanisamsa): He who maintains genuine friendship, never betraying anybody, will always whenever he goes far out of his home, receive abundance of hospitality.
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Titus L

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Please enjoy my introduction to the life and poetry of #Milarepa The Yogi  and if you follow the link you can Support the #Nepal #EarthquakeAppeal here ( )      
Milarepa's songs are characterized by an amazing love of life and joy for everything that he encounters. He had no money or home but he was happy. He often commented that he didn’t want money or things because then he would spend too much time worrying about maintaining or protecting them. Instead he opted for a cave in the mountains, sunshine on his face and wind in his hair....    

Perhaps we dont all have to sell our homes and retreat into the woods to be as happy as Milarepa.
But we do need to start enjoying the simple things in life. It is extremely important to realize that you don’t NEED anything to be happy other than a roof over your head, a meal to eat and a place to sleep. The rest is a bonus. If you want to be the happiest person you know start getting back to life’s simple pleasures.

Get simple, Once a week;
One way you can do this is allot a few hours of the week to doing something simple.
Go for a walk in the forest or hike up a hill just to see the view.
Find some natural ways to marvel at the many things in life that are causes for being happy.
Here are some ideas:

    walk along the beach with bare feet in the water
    go for a bike ride down a hill
    play some sport with a friend or relative
    read a classic book or poem 
feed the birds
    meditate on compassion
    cook a simple meal and enjoy it outdoors
    take your dog out to meet some other dogs
    find a clean natural lake to swim in
    make your partner a gift by hand

And of course, get truly interested in other people’s happiness
& Blessed Be ~
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Gabriela S. Cárdenas

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Hi, I am new here and just wanted to share with you this post.
It is necesary to slow down, and live today. The present moment.
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" No corras en la vida tan rápido que olvides no sólo donde estuviste, pero también hacia donde vas. La vida no es una carrera, pero un camino para ser saboreado cada paso que des." Nancy Simms Don...
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Stephanie Denney

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Hello my name is Stephanie , thankyou for letting me join . Namaste  :)
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Welcome +Stephanie Denney !
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Macky G

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Hi. My name is Macky(which means strong willed). I am truly grateful to be a part of this community. I have been studying Buddhism for quite some time now, and I love it. It has truly inspired my life in many ways. 
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Big june

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Gianni Grassi

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Hi All -
I am Gianni Grassi, dharma name: Yasei Kaige - which means "Feral Spirit/Precept Flower" in Soto Zen. It's how my preceptor translated "Feral Monk" - because it's how my authenticity manifests.

A Feral Monk does not abide
Takes rest in No Master's Refuge

I am eagerly awaiting the publication of Stephen Batchelor's newest book: After Buddhism, as I am allergic to all varieties of -ISM - even Buddh-ism.

I am particularly wary of any claim that practicing one's enlightenment on a cushion is both the necessary and SUFFICIENT condition for liberating all beings.

Engagement, for me, means precisely: Getting OFF the cushion as much as it does NOT mean Enmeshment, entanglement, or social engineering or control, i.e. Activ-ISM.

I am particularly interested in Sapience, its history as a computational operating system (of the human brain's pre-frontal cortex), and its current version (the 6th transformation in 2000 centuries) the most benevolent application of which I call Buddha 6.0 (N.B.: Gautama Shakyamuni and his elsewhere peers were the originators of Buddha 4.0 roughly 25 centuries ago).

Here's an introduction to my thinking on this:
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This year Reb has been emphasizing the identity of Perfect Wisdom and Good Friendship. So, I was encouraged at what seemed to be a shift from an orthodox Mind Only approach to what seemed on its face to be more of a Maitreya approach. 

Before the practice period, I wrote

During this last practice period at GGF, however, he was propounding what seemed to be more of a solipsistic view: The Whole Universe is You (and by inference, therefore, one could simply only sit).

I take real exception to that premise, but see Mind Only as sufficiently and necessarily referring to no more than cultivating the realization of 'difference without separation' and therefore Zen to be the cultivation of 'no separation'.

This distinction, I think, makes all the difference.

I am all for this notion of 'shared joy' of which Reb still speaks. The problem is this: At the staff level of all three practice places, shared joy is hard to find. What shared joy visitors to these places take away is only what they have brought in with them. When the guests leave, what becomes plain is morbidity, cliqueing, and inordinate self-absorption of residents who have clearly become exhausted in the performance of the secular duties that enable the facility to operate as a material entity serving the customary needs of visiting individuals.

The very practice that these places propound creates refuge for various neuroses: passive-agression, obsession compulsion, social avoidance, toxic introversion, narcissistic power play... I could go on. Nevertheless, I do not criticize the institution, but am avowed to persist in encouraging all concerned to consider the possibility for the comlementary establishment of a formal program for advanced Lay Leadership education and development that walks in and about the non-monastic world in secular fashion.

I await your consideration!
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Sandra Olney

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Zen Musings
On issues of being, livng
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Nyk Danu Yoga

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Hello!  I am Stoked To Have Found This Virtual Sangha. I  Look Forward To Connecting With Like Minded Folks
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