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I wanted to share the latest Spotio blog post titled "A Simple Recruiting Trick to Give You an Unfair Advantage''

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Marketing How-To: Door Hanger Marketing Campaign:

If you’ve never promoted your products and services with door hangers, or if you’ve tried door hanger marketing with few results to show, it’s time to reconsider door hangers as viable and profitable marketing tools. The following details why door hangers are excellent marketing tools and offers step-by-step advice for launching a successful door hanger marketing campaign.

Why door hangers make great marketing tools

Door hangers might be considered the “poor man’s postcard,” but in reality door hangers have several benefits not shared by postcards or other direct-mail marketing tools:

• Door hangers are delivered to homes, but they’re not lumped in mailboxes with “junk mail”
• Placed on door knobs, door hangers are practically impossible to ignore
• Official notices, such as missed deliveries and utilities notices, are distributed on door hangers; as such, customers are very likely to read your door hangers
• Door hangers are more personal; they hang alone, and they’re tangible items customers can pick, hold, and carry

How to launch a successful door hanger marketing campaign


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