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Hayi everyone!! I am your headmistress princess Makanshova, but you can call me princess Maka. Welcome to the ERRS!! (Equestrian Royal Riding school!!) The rules haven't been formed yet and the community is a bit wonky, but I am working on it!! So ignore the problems and start rp!! First, make a profile, mine is below.

Name: Makanshova Bolovorkshav (Princess Maka to you)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Horse name: I don't have a horse, I have a Unicorn, but see it as a Horse. Her name is Angelica.

Personality: Bossy at times, but sweet and caring. A very nice leader unless you don't follow directions

Bio: I am Princess Makanshova of the mighty and powerful Royal family the Bolovorkshav's. I grew up in Russia as one of the grand Duchesses. My family ruled for a long time. I wanted to leave this unicorn crazy country and go to the horse loving america. So with my filies permission, I left with the families royal unicorn, Angelica. We both left Russia together to start a new life as a princess in the United States, but I had a big heart for horses, so I started a horseback riding school in California which is the School you are standing in right now, the Equestrian Royal Riding school.
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Hello everyone! I am princess Maka, your headmistress, and I welcome all of you to the ERRS (equestrian royal riding school), the community is a bit wonky right now, but I am working on it, so male a profile including a picture of your horse and a name for it, and start rp!!

XD Yukine make me owner and I will fix it
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