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Dead Alien Body discovered near abandoned Russian base

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Be ready! visible Wormwood(?! /planet X, Nibiru) 

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In 1928, the Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello, made a surprising discovery: a huge cemetery containing tombs full of remains of individuals with larger elongated skulls are present throughout the world, the so-called skulls of Paracas.

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War is against the Law across the Cosmos

Please sign the Universal Peace Petition

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Crash of a possible UFO in Sandton

This article is taken directly from my Youtube channel,
network runs the news and not only of a possible accident
took place in Sandton at least from what I could see from 30 November 2015,
in images that show many TG and News sites
He sees clearly a relic of an alleged spacecraft
discoid totally destroyed by a possible crash to the ground,
the previous evening many people filmed and resumed
a ball of light green that marked the night sky Sandton
before crashing to the ground, on the day following
the police surrounded the area of the place keeping away the curious
who still they managed to do a lot of takes and consequently the network is being invaded
many movies.

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UFO sighting, resumed from airliner in Germany

The day December 11, 2015 the youtuber 51 SECTION 2.0,
has published on its channel,
the video of the filming done during flight by a plane
the Swiss company, Swiss Air in the area of Regensburg,
the portholes was filmed the possible sighting in flight of a large flying object
Unidentified (UFOs), as he walked out from behind the clouds
in the vicinity of the aircraft. The shots are very crisp and clear,
The alien craft appears to be not the classic but one disk-shaped
triangular and possibly with weapons of war,
only it looks very similar to an aircraft's "Star Wars"
unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to evaluate whether it is a fake or not.
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