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The freelancer search engine code is starting to take shape on staging. I'm hoping its ready for testing next week. If you're interested in the idea check out the public staging server.  Any and all comments welcome.

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We snuck a new feature onto the site last night  - the feature will get announced later today, but i thought i would give the Gplus community a heads up and first crack at adding your company. has been extended to highlight active local kickstarter campaigns.

Heres the play-by-play
Last week FitTrip emailed New Tech.
FitTrip: hay, we’re going to launch a kickstarter campaign ( anyway to help us get the word out to the community. 
New Tech: hmm, how about writing some code.
FitTrip: huh.
New Tech: Yup. You write/contribute some code to and Poof everyone wins.
FitTip: Sounds good, meet one of our developers.
FitTrip/New Tech: skype call to discuss features and implementation.

Live: 5 days later the feature is tested and live on

Thank you for coming out and supporting the 11 companies from the Unreasonable Institute, your help will go along way to helping millions of people. 

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Boulder New Tech June 2013 - wherein +Robert Reich wears Glass and has it debugged, vulcan mind meld style.
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Great presentations tonight!

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AmbientBox presenting at New Tech Boulder

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#Boulders David Driskell will join us on April 2nd to talk about the BDNT Building donation. Register today

#Boulder County donates building to BDNT.@google is first tenet. 80% of the rent will be used to create the 1st community run VC.

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New version of the new tech website was just released. Added a most recently updated and a sponsors section to the home page. We also just  had our 500 company get added to the list.

E.N.D Labs welcome to the community.
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