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was standing alone in Teen Cove getting ready to sing some songs for the teens Hello Teens, are you ready for some songs. First we start with a song from Evanescence. starts singing

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Name: Raven the Cat

OC: Raven the Cat.... as I told you previously

Gender: Purrs I'm Male

Sexuality: I'm Straight

Likes: Being Pet, The Night guard

Dislikes: Dog Animatronics

What Animal I am: I'm A Cat.... as I've said twice

Bio: Raven was programmed to look Cat-like as Freddy were to look bear like, Bonnie were to look Bunny like a bunny, Chica were to look Like a chicken, and Foxy like a fox. But something made Raven different and actually kind

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Thanks for the invite +Anmande ōtsutsuki


Name ~ +Utenaplays The real
Oc name: Yui
gender: Female
sexuality: Straight
likes: Singing for teens in the teens area of the restaurant.
dislikes: The little fucking kids.
What kind of animal is the Animatronic: Same as bonnie
bio: Yui was made a animatronic due to the fact that her boyfriend was stuffed in a Bonnie Suit and she whanted to be with him, so she got killed by purple guy and became a animatronic, but Bonnie cheatef on her with chics and she now sings for teens.

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