Wait... why isn't incest not allowed? Just curious.

Anyone wanna do an RP that starts as Home-gym workouts and turns into sweaty sex?

I got the intense urge to eat pussy.... While I was in class😐😂

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good morning boys and girls <3 kisses

Hi I'm new here any single lonely naughty girls wanna naughty daddy to chat to as ash was upstairs in his bathroom naked talking a shower he didn't here to knock on the door  invite my to hangouts

hi im new on here anyone want to help if so hangouts me plz will do anything

Woo! 125 members~!

So... 124 members, and only about six posts...

Hey are there any girls here that like to rp very sexually and if so add me on hangouts at killerb2589@gmail.com

So... I did a pokémon hypnosis roleplay, between the trainers, and involved some pokémon. The original person doesn't want to do it anymore, so... if someone would like to continue from where she left off, or to restart it with me, then that'd be great~ ! Comment if you're interested.

Male of females are aloud! But, you are the submissive a in this case.

//Uke's will need to restart, as it was originally with a girl.//
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