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Please check and invite friends to become beta testers.

* Brand new look. More like Google's Material Design
* Simple turn on/off with a big button
* Auto-on: When you launch one of the supported apps, we automatically connect HSS. Easy protection/ unblocking!
This feature itself has been in recent versions, but now it's inside the app! Also you can turn on/off the auto-on for your favorite apps.


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The U.S Congress just repealed rules that protect consumer privacy. By rolling back these regulations, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now have the legal authority to sell customers’ browsing history and other personal information without their consent.

I have been looking for a VPN for my windows too. Previously I was using zenmate. Here is what I found which is helpful and you can easily compare providers according to your need.

Хотел бы присоединиться к бета тестерам

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Not that great compared to last year's bargain but still pretty decent deal! but hurry it ends very very soon.

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Battery draining while data/WiFi were off.

echt cooles Programm

is this working ? 4.0v ?

hey, i'm user of your stable app. How can I get beta/test version?
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