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Welcome to the Sonic Boom Fan Community, quite a mouthful huh? In this community, you can talk about anything about Sonic Boom. You can talk about characters, episodes from the TV Show, what you like about the series, basically everything! Just keep the stuff appropriate and we'll flow good.

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Should I delete this community? It seems like no one but me is doing anything in this community.
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I think later on, I should make a post of my entire Sonic Boom fan fiction, Sonic's Night of Fright.

Here is the complete version of Sonic's Night of Fright. Enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts on it.

On a nice day on the beach of Bygone Island, Sonic the Hedgehog was hanging out with his best friend Miles Prower, or Tails. Sonic and Tails were sitting around Sonic’s shack, bored out of their minds.

“Man, I’m so bored” Sonic said.

Tails groaned, “You can say that again”

“I would but I’m too bored”.

“It’s been so boring ever since Eggman stopped attacking two weeks ago” Tails said. “If he’s been gone that long, he must be planning something big” Sonic said.

Outside, a bell rang from the outside of Sonic’s shack. It was the mailman, Leroy the Turtle. “Letter for Mr. Sonic the Hedgehog” Leroy called out. “A letter? Since when did I get letters?” Sonic asked as he was handed the letter. Leroy walked off as Sonic walked back into the shack, opening the letter.

“What does it say?” Tails asked. Sonic began to read the letter out loud. “You are invited to a Spooky Costume Party at the mayor’s house in honor of no village attacks from Dr. Eggman. Please come dressed spooky and on time, gates close at the break of night” Sonic looked at the invitation and saw five passes.

“Sweet” Sonic said, “You all can come too”

“That’s awesome” Tails said.

“We better call the others” Sonic said.

Sonic and Tails began to call up their team mate friends. Soon, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, and Sticks the Badger showed up at the shack.

“What’s the big surprise Sonic?” Amy asked. “It better be good because you interrupted me from doing nothing” Knuckles said. “Did the evil aliens attack you in your sleep?” Sticks asked. “I told you guys to come over because we’re invited to a party” Sonic said.

The three friends were shocked and excited. “What kind of party is it?” Amy asked. “It’s a Spooky Costume Party” Tails answered. ”That sounds exciting. When’s the party?” Sonic gave Amy the invitation. “Hmm, at the break of night. Well, you can certainly count me in” “Me too” Knuckles said. “I guess I can come too, unless this is a scam from the government agents” Sticks said. “Uh, I’m sure it’s not Sticks” Sonic answered.

“I guess we should talk about what costumes we should wear” Tails commented. “I think we should dress as classic monsters” Amy said. “Classic monsters sound awesome” Sonic said. “R-really, w-well thank you” Amy said blushing.

Sonic smiled, “I can be a werewolf”

“I can be a ghost” Tails suggested,

“I’ll be a witch” Amy said.

“Oh, oh” Knuckles said raising his hand, “I want to be a vampire. Everyone knows a vampire has an easy costume, all I need is teen clothes, a moody attitude, and lots of sparkles” Everyone paused and looked at Knuckles. “What kind of vampire is that?” Sonic asked. “No such thing” Amy said, “A vampire needs to be sauve, hypnotic, and menacing” “Okay, I get it” Knuckles said. “I think I’m going to need to help him” Amy whispered to Sonic.

“That just leaves Sticks” Tails said.

“I think I know what Sticks can be” Sonic suggested, “A… zombie”.

“Zombie?” Sticks asked.

“You know, a zombie, the undead, loves brains”

“Oh, alright” Sticks said.

“Alright everyone, we got a few hours to get ready. Let’s do it” Sonic said.

Everyone ran off as Sonic ran to the village. “I’m sure the village has something for a werewolf costume” Sonic thought. As he entered the village, Sonic saw tons of shops full of monster costumes and props. He eventually settled on a little shop owned by a friendly villager, Mike the Ox.

“Hey Sonic, I see that you were invited to the Spooky Costume Party too” Mike said.

“Yeah, I’m going as a werewolf” Sonic said.

“Wow, that’s awesome”

“Yeah, I know it’s awesome, I’m going to make it myself. But I need to get some parts that’ll make me look like a werewolf. You have anything like that?” Sonic asked.

“You came to the right place. I got something right here.” Mike said while pulling out a tray of fake claws, fake fangs, and body paint.

“That’s perfect” Sonic said, “I’ll take one set of fangs, ten fake claws, and a pair of tan and red body paint”.

Sonic pulled out some money and Mike gave him his purchases. He gave the money to Mike and Sonic raced off home.

Later that evening, Sonic was finished with his costume. He had the fake fangs in his mouth, the fake claws on his fingers, the body paint on his chest in the shape of claw marks, his ears and quills all wild like unbrushed fur, an old scarf and gloves torn with holes and his fingers being exposed, and torn sports tape hanging from his arms. “Oh man, even though I’m a beast, I still look good” Sonic said to himself in the mirror.

He heard a knock, it was Tails in his costume. He was underneath a long white sheet with eye and arm holes cut out. He was also covered in a powdery substance.

“Nice costume buddy” Sonic commented.

“Thanks, you too”

Sonic went to high five Tails only to be met with a powdered mess. “Oh, sorry. I forgot to tell you, I also covered myself in flour for an extra ghost effect” Tails said. “It’s fine bro” Sonic said.
Amy then showed up in a black witch's costume and holding an old broom. “Nice costume Amy” Sonic complemented. “Thanks, I just sewed it from some old cloth I found. And might I say you have nice costumes yourselves.” “Thanks” Sonic and Tails commented.

“But Tails, you just look so adorable in that costume’ Amy said.

“H-hey, I’m not c-cute, I’m menacing” Tails said. Amy and Sonic laughed.

Knuckles and Sticks showed up. Knuckles was wearing a buttoned white shirt, black pants, and a red cape. Sticks was covered with fresh mud and green warrior paint. “Nice costumes guys.” Sonic said. “Thanks Sonic” Knuckles said in a Transylvanian accent, “I think this costume is way better than what I imagined”. “Knuckles, you’ve been talking like that for two hours, please stop it” Amy said. “Okay” Knuckles said in his normal voice. “I told him some classic vampires talk like that but he couldn’t stop” Amy whispered to Sonic, Tails, and Sticks.

“Anyway, Sticks, nice zombie costume” Sonic said.

“What zombie costume?” Sticks asked. Sonic was confused.

“Uh, isn’t that what you’re wearing now?”

“Oh, this? I was hunting for evil muffins when I tripped into a mud puddle” Sticks answered.

“Okay then, now that we’re all here, let’s get to that party” Sonic said.

It was almost nighttime when they left. Nearly everyone was worried if they’d make it on time. “Hey Amy, are you sure this path is a short cut?” Sonic asked. “I know it is” Amy replied, “It’s the quickest way to the mayor’s house for the party”. “If I were a real vampire, I could let you guys climb on my back and I’ll hop across the trees or run really fast” Knuckles commented.

Sonic facepalmed, “Again Knuckles? Seriously?”

“What are you talking about?” Knuckles asked innocently.

“What am I-you-but…. nevermind” Sonic groaned.

As they were walking, Sticks heard a small thump. “Whoa, did any of you hear that?” “I didn’t hear anything, maybe you have mud in your eyes” Amy said. “I swear I heard something” Sticks shouted. Suddenly, a large robot came out of the forest. “See, I told you” Sticks commented. “I think I know who’s behind this” Sonic said. At that moment, a large man, who was floating in an orb-like machine, came out of the forest laughing.

“Hello rodents. Did you miss me, I know I didn’t miss you” The man said.

“Not to disappoint you Eggman, but we’re trying to get to a party” Sonic said.

“I know that, and I see you wore the perfect costumes”

Sonic was confused, “What are you talking about Eggface?’

“I’m talking about this... Transform Bot” Eggman yelled pointing at the robot.

“When I heard that the village was going to throw a costume party with a spooky theme, I created this contraption, and it only took me thirty-eight hours to make, I am a fast inventor after all. Any way, it will rearrange your molecules and turn you into what I want” Eggman explained.

Eggman saw Sonic and the others walking away. “Hey” Eggman yelled, “You’re supposed to be scared” “Yeah, but like I said earlier, we have a party to get to” Sonic replied. Eggman growled, “I’ll show you to walk away from me, minions, attack”

Many robots came running out of the forest. Sonic spin dashed into a bug-like robot, Sticks threw her boomerang and destroyed three bee-like robots while Tails flew up and stomped on another. Amy summoned a yellow and pink hammer and pounded a crab-like robot as Knuckles punched another. As they were fighting, no one noticed that Eggman was starting up Transform Bot.

“Well, I’ve done what I came for, now that Transform Bot is activated those pesky rodents will be turned into monsters and they’ll destroy the village and everyone they fight to protect” Eggman thought, “Minions, retreat”. All of Eggman’s robots that weren’t destroyed retreated as they left Transform Bot with Sonic and the others. The robot was shaking wildly, “Everyone run” Sonic yelled. They all ran towards the forest and hid behind some far off trees and bushes. Then, the robot stopped and powered down, smoke was coming out of it.

Sonic and the others walked out of the forest towards the robot. “Huh, it malfunctioned” Tails said. He walked over towards it and examined the worn down robot. “It’s engine malfunctioned. A machine like this can’t be made in thirty-eight hours, it takes thirty-nine hours to make this type of robot.” Sonic looked up at the sky and saw it was nighttime.

“We’re late for the party” Amy said.

“And we had awesome costumes and everything” Knuckles said sadly.

“And to think that I was going to defeat shadow people” Sticks said.

“Sonic, what do we do now?” Amy asked. Sonic grinned, “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do because I got an idea”. Everyone looked at each other, “What’s your idea Sonic?” Tails asked.

“Eggman thinks that the machine worked and turned us into monsters right?” Sonic said.

“Right” Amy answered.

“So, we’ll give him monsters. We just need to act like our monster selves. And scare the pants off of Eggman”

“Hmm, that actually sounds kind of fun” Tails said, “I can make some improvements to our costumes to make them look more realistic... meet back at my shop in about an hour”.

An hour later, the others arrived at Tails’ workshop. “Alright, it took me a long time but I’m finished” Tails commented. “Honestly, it only felt like a few seconds” Sonic said. Tails looked at the team and noticed that Amy looked different. “Hey Amy, why do you look so different?” Tails asked. “Oh, while we were waiting, I decided to put doll up my face with makeup to make me look more like a witch” Amy explained.

Sonic began to speak “I also decided to try to run on all fours just like a werewolf”

“You know that some werewolves walk on two sometimes” Amy asked.

“I know, but I thought it’d be more realistic”

“Anyway” Tails said, “Sonic, I made you claws that tear up strong objects, even metal. Amy, I made you a broom that will allow you to fly. I’ll dye my fur white and make a new ghost costume with a small air booster that’ll allow me to fly without using my tails”

“What do I get?” Knuckles asked excitedly.

“Um, you can…” Tails said as he looked across his desk, until he came across a pair of vampire fangs, “Use these”

“Awesome” Knuckles cheered, grabbing the fangs.

“What about Sticks?” Sonic asked.

“NO” Sticks yelled, “You should know that I don’t trust technology, they made a deal with the government to brainwash people and replace our minds with mashed potatoes”

“Y-yeah, like she said” Tails said sarcastically.

“Man, now I want mashed potatoes” Knuckles commented.

“Not now Knuckles” Tails groaned, “I’ll be right back guys, I need to dye my fur”. Minutes later, Tails came back all white and wearing a long, gown-like sheet. “You look good Tails” Sonic commented. Tails smiled, “Thanks”. Knuckles was snickering. “What’s so funny Knuckles?” Sticks asked. “Tails looks like a girl” Knuckles laughed. Tails sighed with an annoyed tone, “I think we should get going” “You’re right. Let Sonic’s Night of Fright begin” Sonic said.

Everyone left the workshop as they headed towards Eggman’s lair. At the lair, Eggman was fixing one of his robots while two other robots were watching him, They were his two henchmen, Orbot and Cubot. “So, was the plan a success sir?” Orbot asked. “It was” Eggman answered. “Well that’s a first boss” Cubot commented. Eggman growled, “Make yourselves useful and clean the lair” Orbot and Cubot grabbed some nearby cleaning supplies and left.

Outside, Sonic and the others had arrived. “Alright, what do we do now?” Tails asked. “You guys follow me to the lair” Sonic said. The others ran behind Sonic as he headed towards the door of the lair. He stopped near the side and looked for robots. “No robots? Man, Eggman has bad security” Sonic thought. “Alright, one, two, three” At that moment, Sonic let out a howl.

Orbot and Cubot were cleaning near the entrance when they heard the howl. “D-did you h-hear t-that?” Cubot said frightened. “Y-yes” Orbot answered, “It sounded like a…a…” “Monstrous howl” They said together. The two ran screaming to Eggman.

Outside, Sonic and his friends heard screams. “Did anyone hear that” Tails asked.

“Yeah, it sounded like two screaming little girls” Sonic commented.

“Probably Orbot and Cubot” Tails said.

Maybe we should wait to see what happens” Amy suggested.

“Good idea” Sonic said.

Orbot and Cubot ran to Eggman, cowering in fear. “What is wrong with you dumb bots? I told you to clean” Eggman shouted. “We were cleaning boss, but we heard a monstrous howl from outside” Cubot answered. “That’s impossible. There’s no animal for miles” Eggman said, “Just send out a Fly bot and search around”. Orbot grabbed a remote and pushed a large red button. Then a Fly bot appeared.

The lair door opened and the little robot flew out. Sonic and the others moved back a little from the side. “Looks like Egghead’s sending out his Fly bot” Sonic said. “More than likely it has a camera.” Tails commented. “You can leave that to me” Sonic said as he started to walk up near the side of the lair.

Eggman and his two henchmen were watching on a large monitor from Fly bot’s camera. “See? There’s nothing” Eggman said. At that moment, a loud growl came from the monitor as Sonic destroyed the robot with his claws. Eggman and the two robots jumped in fear at the sight of the surprise attack. “T-told you” Orbot shivered. “What do you think it is boss?” Cubot asked. “I-I-I d-don’t know” Eggman said, now scared. “I don’t want this to be true but maybe it’s Sonic and his friends as… monsters” Orbot said.

“W-well, there’s only one way to find out” Eggman said, “You two go out and check”. “Why do we have to do it?” Orbot asked. “Because if you don’t, you’ll face an even worse fate than what is out there” Eggman yelled. Orbot and Cubot shivered in fear as the lair door started to open, as it did, Sonic ran back to his friends who were far behind him. The two robots switched on their flashlight eyes while exiting the lair and the door closed immediately, leaving them in the darkness of night.

“Do you know who it is Sonic?” Tails asked.

“It’s Orbot and Cubot, Egghead must be too scared to check himself”.

“So, who wants to have a go and scare these two?” Sonic asked.

“Oh, oh, pick me” Knuckles said raising his hand.

Sonic leaned over to Amy, “Should we let him?” he whispered.

“I can go with him, but we better do it quick, they’re coming” Amy whispered.

“Alright Knuckles, you can go, but Amy’s coming too. Just try to act scary” Sonic said.

“You got it” Knuckles said in his Transylvanian accent.

Amy got on her mechanical broom and started to hover above the ground, flying towards the two bots and Knuckles followed her. As the two robots were looking, they heard a creepy witches cackle and a hissing sound. They shined their lights and found Amy flying above them on her broom, and Knuckles walking towards them, hissing as he did. Amy swooped down and grabbed the two while they screamed in terror. Knuckles approached the terrified robots, “I want to suck your motor oil” he said in his accent. The two screamed while Amy cackled and said in a witches voice, “The fun has just started, there will be nothing of you or your creator left by sunrise” The two robots tried to wiggle free from Amy’s grip until she finally let go. Orbot and Cubot ran back screaming to Eggman.

“S-so, w-was there anything?” Eggman said scared. “W-w-we saw Amy and Knuckles out there, b-but Amy was a w-w-witch and Knuckles w-was a v-vampire” Orbot stuttered in fear. “I-If those two were out there, t-then the others must be out there too” Eggman said.

Outside, Knuckles came back to Sonic laughing hysterically. “That was so awesome” Knuckles said. “It was, but I feel kind of bad” Amy said. “Don’t feel bad Ames, they’re villains, and we’re just giving them a scare, that’s all.” Sonic said. “Yeah, it’s not like we’re destroying them or anything, it’s just for fun” Sticks said. “Hmm, I guess you’re right” Amy said. “Good, now I think it’s time to go inside” Sonic said. “I can sneak onto the roof and get inside that way” Tails explained. “Sounds good Tails” Sonic commented. “Eggman by now must know of our presence so he might be barricading the lair door” Amy said. “Well, that shouldn't be a problem” Sonic commented, “Since I have claws that can tear through anything, even metal”.

“While I’m on the roof, I can disconnect the power line so Eggman doesn’t have any power while we scare him” Tails said. “Good idea, the best way to scare someone is in the dark” Sonic exclaimed. Tails flew up towards the roof as the others ran towards the lair door.

Meanwhile in the lair, Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot were barricading the door. They grabbed the nearest objects and blocked the door with them. “Okay, I-I think we’re safe by now” “If we might ask, what were the rest of Sonic’s team dressed as before you started the machine’ Orbot asked. “Okay, we know that Amy and Nurples are a witch and vampire, I remember Sticks as a....zombie, T-Tails as a...ghost, and Sonic as a...w-werewolf” “Boss, y-you do know that a zombie, ghost and werewolf are pretty strong monsters, right?” Cubot asked. ‘Uh-oh” Eggman said, scared.

Suddenly, the power cut off as the the three screamed. As they were screaming, they heard something coming from the roof, it was the sound of ghostly moaning. Then, loud banging came from the lair door, followed by several noises. The three villains heard what they thought was the moaning of a zombie, the cackling of a witch, the hissing of a vampire, and the growling of a wolf.

“S-sir, what do we do?” Orbot shivered.

“J-just stay here, that barricade will block them” Eggman said.

“I don’t think we should do that because in most horror movies, the people waiting are the first to go” Cubot commented, “Well, what do you think we should do smart guy?” Eggman yelled.

Then, Eggman heard something coming from the top of the roof, it was the ghostly moaning. The moan came closer and closer, until it was revealed to be Tails. The three screamed as the noises outside became louder. They began to hear scratching noises from outside on the lair door, with each scratch getting louder and louder. Then, the scratch marks became visible as the three villains saw Sonic staring at them with a wild expression and growling. He soon began to attack the barricade.

“H-how is this even possible, I know werewolves were powerful, but not this powerful.” Eggman cried in terror.

“It was your machine” Tails said in ghostly monotone voice, “Not only did your machine turn us this way, but it also gave us unnatural strength”

Eggman and the two robots were now even more scared at the sight of Tails. “You’ll pay for turning us into this. By sunrise, you’ll be dead, or you’ll become one of us”

Eggman and the two robots screamed as they ran down the hall towards a room. As they ran, Sonic and the others finally broke through the door and barricade. “You put on quite the performance Tails, that sounded awesome” Sonic commented. “Thanks” Tails said. “Now it’s Stick’s turn to scare them” Sonic said pointing at Sticks. “Well, I can just scare them by saying that the government is watching us and talking about politics” Sticks exclaimed.

Sonic sighed, “No Sticks, just act like a zombie, act like you came back from the dead or Amy’s seminars” Amy growled at this comment. Sonic laughed nervously, “J-just act like you’re a living corpse and no conspiracies” “Okay fine” Sticks said, “But I would like you to know that my plan would’ve worked too” She began to walk down the hall and as she was away from everyone’s sight, she started to walk in a slumping position, arms sticking out, and moaning loudly. Eggman and the two robots were hiding in a room near the end of the hall.

“I think we’re safe in here” Eggman said.

“So, is it too late to say that the plan was kind of another failure” Cubot asked.

“If we get out of this, I’m making you Sonic’s new chew toy” Eggman growled quietly.

As the room got quiet, Eggman could hear Sticks coming down the hall. Sticks was checking every room in the hall. With each room empty, she continued to where Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot were hiding.

“Eggman” Sticks groaned, “I want to eat your brain”. “No” Eggman whispered to the robots, “I can’t let her take my brain. One, I’d be stupid as you two bone-bots, and two, I-I would become just like them. Eggman screamed as Sticks was right next to the room. Orbot put his hand over Eggman’s mouth as they heard Sticks coming closer. The door opened and they saw Sticks, immediately, Eggman bolted through the door towards the others as Orbot and Cubot were left behind.

Sticks slumped her way towards Orbot and Cubot, with them panicking as she got closer. “Please don’t eat us, we don’t even have brains” Cubot pleaded. Sticks stopped and smirked as she pulled out some rope and tied the robots up. “Huh, who knew a zombie could tie up people” Cubot commented. Sticks then slumped her way out of the room and ran to Sonic and the gang.

“Did you guys see where Eggman went?” Sticks asked. “Yeah, he ran towards the bathroom, Knuckles then went to chase him” Tails explained. Knuckles then came back all gloomy. “What’s wrong Knuckles?” Sticks asked. “What?” Knuckles said “I was being a vampire” Amy groaned “He went through a few hours thinking he was a real vampire and now he’s back to his tweeny vampire ideas” “Guess so” Sonic commented.

“Let me handle Eggman this time, but I want all of you to hide” Amy said.

Everyone was confused, “Uh, why do we need to hide” Sonic asked.

“It’s a plan I have, once I get Eggman, you all come out. Sonic, walk on all fours, Tails, you hover, Sticks, you slump around, and Knuckles...just do what you’ve been doing, now hide”.

Everyone hid somewhere in the lair as Amy on her broom hovered behind a corner. After a few minutes, Eggman peeked out of the bathroom and saw nothing, only the gentle glow of moonlight illuminating from the windows on the roof. “I think it’s safe now” Eggman thought as he exited the bathroom. As he passed Amy, she instantly grabbed Eggman by the collar of his shirt and hovered him above the ground.

Eggman screamed as he was grabbed by the trickster witch. “Now look at what I got here, you thought it’d be easy to escape from us?” Amy said in her witch voice. Everyone came out of their hiding spots. Sonic came out on all fours, growling loudly as he did, Tails hovered, moaning as he did, Sticks was slumped over and groaning, and Knuckles was hissing and laughing menacingly.

“What are you going to do with me?” Eggman asked terrified.

“Don’t ask me, ask our leader” Amy said as she dropped Eggman towards Sonic. The hedgehog growled loudly as he walked towards the mad doctor, who was backing away from him.

Sonic began to speak in a low, growling voice, “I thought this was what you wanted. You wanted to turn us into monsters didn’t you? Well, now you got them. You turned us from heroes to monstrosities, it feels right to return the favor. If you go free, then you’ll live with the awful memory of this night, on how you turned heroes into monsters, monsters that kicked your butt like when we were still ourselves, when we were still good, when we were control” As Eggman backed away, his back met a wall, Sonic still walked towards him. “No, you need to know how we feel now….you will join us and share this misery with all of us”

Sonic backed away a few inches from the doctor as he then howled loudly at the moon illuminated by the windows. Sonic then looked at Eggman, “Are you afraid of us?” Sonic asked. “Y-Yes, yes I am” Eggman cried loudly. “Then fear will be the last humanly emotion you’ll ever feel before you become one of us” Eggman began to scream and cry. “Be afraid doctor, be very afraid” Sonic growled.

All Eggman could do was scream for help, but no one came. The others started to mutter the phrase “join us” as Sonic withdrew his hand to swipe Eggman across the face. Then Eggman screamed loudly as he pushed Sonic off of him. He ran out the entrance of the lair towards his Egg Mobile. He got in it as he flew away screaming his head off. Sonic and the others watched as Eggman disappeared into the moonlit night.

“Wow Sonic, I didn’t know you could be that dramatic” Tails commented.

“There are still things you don’t know about me Tails” Sonic said with a smile.

“So when do you think Eggman will find out we’re not really monsters?” Tails asked.

“Next week for sure” Knuckles commented.

“I gotta say Sonic, tonight was pretty fun, even though we didn’t go to the party” Sticks said.

“Well, we had our own party, which I bet was even better than the other one” Sonic commented.

“So, now what do we do?” Sticks asked.

“We can watch some horror movies, I have a ton of classic ones we can watch.” Amy suggested.

“Sounds like a plan” Sonic said.

“Is there one with a love triangle between a girl and two monsters?” Knuckles asked.

Everyone face palmed as Knuckles just shrugged his shoulders.

I love how Sonic Boom has been giving people from Archie Comics like Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley the chance to write episodes for the show, since i really like their work.

To me, I think my favorite episodes from Season 2 of Sonic Boom so far is a tie between The Biggest Fan and In the Midnight Hour.

I don't understand why Sonic Boom isn't getting much attention on Cartoon Network. I think the last thing they did was a an hour marathon in late 2015. Now they're not showing it on Saturday mornings, and I'm pretty sure they just moved it to Boomerang. I know it's a mixed bag for some people but come on, you can at least say it's better at being a comedy than TTG. Give Sonic Boom a chance CN

I'm thinking of making a kahoot on Season 1 of Sonic Boom

Thoughts on all the episodes from Season 1 (sorry if it's long)

The Sidekick: Awesome start
Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days: Funny
Translate This: Decent, but funny
Buster: Cute but meh
My Fair Sticksy: Good Sticks episode, better than Buster
Fortress of Squalitude: Okay
Double Doomsday: Funny and also introduced Dave (he's funny)
Eggheads: One of the funniest episodes ever.
Guilt Tripping: Not that good
Dude, Where's My Eggman?: Funny Orbot and Cubot episode
Cowbot: So dang funny
Circus of Plunder: Decent
Unlucky Knuckles: Knuckles at his dumbest
The Meteor: Great episode
Aim Low: Meh
How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying: Boring
Don't Judge Me: Okay, but we first learned that Sonic has a lovely singing voice
Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce: Funny and shows Tails really loves his plane. 0.0
Sole Power: Funny, but I felt bad for Sonic
Hedgehog Day: Funny and it aired on my birthday
Sleeping Giant: Kind of mediocore and Sticks' singing voice plugs ears
The Curse of Buddy Buddy Temple: Indiana Jones meets Sonic, so awesome
Let's Play Musical Friends: Good episode for gamers
Late Fees: Funny
Into the Wilderness: Really funny
Eggman Unplugged: Meh
Chez Amy: Good episode
Blue with Envy: It's okay
Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose: Meh, but kind of funny episode
Chili Dog Day Afternoon: Odd, weird, but funny
Closed Door Policy: Funny and my favorite Sticks episode
Mayor Knuckles: Meh
Just a Guy: Mediocre and the townspeople were hypocrites
Two Good to Be True: Would've been awesome with the main series counter parts, but still funny
Beyond the Valley of the Cubots: Kind of funny
Next Top Villain: Funniest Dave centered episode
New Year's Retribution: Good and funny
Battle of the Boy Bands: OMG LOVE IT SO MUCH
Tails' Crush: Such a cute episode
Bro-down Showdown: Funny
Late Night Wars: Knuckles at his funniest
Fire in a Crowded Workshop: One of the funniest episodes
It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedge: Awesome and had Metal Sonic
Robot Battle Royale: Pokemon battling but with robots
No Robots Allowed: Eggman just hiding his robots was freaking hilarious.
Fuzzy Puppy Buddies: Amazing episode and made the Sonamy shippers fangirl (or fanboy)
Designated Heroes: Eggman at his smartest (finally) and really funny
Role Models: Good but I hate that platypus
Cabin Fever: Good and insane
Counter Productive: Poor Charlie
It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog: Awesome season finale and OMG SHADOW.

Yays, I got the Sonic Boom kahoot done.
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