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4 months...
4 months and still nothing...
I feel sad
EDIT: 17 months
Just sharing this out.

I'm sorry about the lack of updates, but as I said you guys earlier, I'm working on my graduation project, so it's kind of hard to keep up with everything. Btw, this would be the place to write some requests/bug reports so I can get them fixed. I think I fixed the main issues and the UI refresh will be well received, so expect an update soon!

Oh, and Happy new year!

I've found a bug that I can reliably reproduce with peek.
Say for example you have a notification in peek but you don't dismiss it or open it in peek (for whatever reason, i.e. Need to send a text so I unlock it but have an email notification) but rather you press the home button and get into the phone /launcher, while unlocked then dismiss the notification (in the notification bar you swipe it)... The result? The phone is locked /screen turned off.
I tested this very much so and finally figured out it was peek doing it & took me a while to understand the bug.
I'm using an HTC one with lollipop stock - un-rooted. 

another bug (and this one is very annoying) is phone is with the screen off, you receive a call BUT peek takes over the screen with a “phone notification” you need to click it in order to be able to answer it. That one is pretty bad..

Hello +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo​!
Thanks for this great app once again.

We wish that you can give us an option so Peek only wakes the device without displaying Peek's interface because Lollipop lock screen can handle notifications now. It will solve Lollipop issues and make Peek even better in Lollipop.

Kind regards, and thanks again!

• Would it be possible for Peek to replace the lock screen entirely, and not just upon receiving a new notification? So basically have Peek working as your device's lock screen.

• Any chance of replacing Peek's clock/date widget with any custom 3rd party widgets of our liking? I'd like to have additional information (alarm display, WiFi,...) shown within the widget, and those could be covered with the help of using a custom widget (Chronus for example?).

Btw: If any of the r requests mentioned above have already been covered in the past, I apologise in advance.

+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo​: Thoughts?😊

I really like the look of this app. But. On latest lollipop I can't get it work a with any notification (set the sensors many times) but still one of five notifications go through peek (I set lockscreen to none). It would be nice if you can make option to use peek as lockscreen and see it every time you power up the phone (acdisplay have this and it behave nicely).

Hi to all. Can someone help me to enable/disable Peek in the app. I think it's the eye in the down-left. But it doesn't do anything.
I want to disable by the moment because when i open a app via the notification i have to swipe the Android L lockscreen and sometimes it re-enable the pin code whereas i got my trusted LG G WAtch connected. Kind of confusing.

I may be missing something, but I'm unable to turn on Peek in the latest update. Is the toggle button somewhere I haven't thought to look?

Ehmmm, and now?
A small update?

Everyone know an app that works like peek but using the lollipop lockscreen by default?
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