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We're planning to work on improving connections between nodes, and potentially allowing people to write text on them to support explaining relationships and concept mapping. If this is interesting, please help us decide what to build by filling in a short survey (will take 5-10 minutes) here

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You can now use Google Team Drives with MindMup 2

Is there a way to copy content from one Map into different map? Or, a way to merge different versions?

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G+ posted mups lose a text on central node (MM 2.0)

Hello everyone. I've been playing with Mindmup 1.0 and decided to follow the prompts to upgrade to 2.0. I realized that I really like the interface for 1.0 as it's very clean and unobstructed and I think the 2.0 interface is sort of plain and dare I say amateurish. At least I can push it up out of the way so I don't see it. However, my biggest problem with 2.0 is that the notes are a pain - in 1.0 I could attach a note and edit it on the fly which was very fast. It seems (and I may be wrong) that to do the same thing in 2.0 I have to go to Google docs, create a document, go back to Mindmup and attach it. Is that right or is there a faster way?

The interface objections are subjective, I realize that. However, the extra steps to create a note are a deal breaker and they've kept me from adopting version 2.


BTW, I really like MindMup so don't take this as calling the baby ugly. ;-)

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Hi, I have been playing around with MindMup and I must confess it's an awesome application. I would like to use it in a project I am working on which is meant to be an educational tool, but a section of your license says "The Software may not be used to offer a publicly accessible service that
replicates the core service, visual layout or experience of".
I would like to know if using MindMup in my project to build an online tool that leverages mind mapping features of MindMup, can be considered as a violation of this section of the license. Of course the ui/ux will be different but the core mind-mapping features of MindMup will be built on.

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A quick preview of some nice features coming up in MindMup 2.0. We should have the first release of 2.0 ready for you in a week or so. Meanwhile, if you're interested in trying out the beta version and helping us polish it, join the google discussion group for MindMup 2.0 here:!forum/mindmup2

In the Ipad edition, when I click on the attachments made in the web version saved to google drive and downloaded to my Ipad I can see the attachment but when  I click on it it doesn't show me the words typed in?  Any thoughts- thanks B

How can I change the relationship of two nodes from Parent: Child to Sibling:Sibling?

#MindMup is great. I downloaded a copy and tried running it locally. Enjoying it.
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