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Welcome to the community of local guides in Norway. Being the first, but hopefully not the last, moderator in this group, I do have the privilige of welcoming both tourists, Norway lovers and our local guides to this group.

Whether you are in for experiences, in need of information or want to contribute and share experience and knowledge, I hope this will be the place to be and a hub of other local guide communities in Norway. For a start, you can find links to the really local guide communities in the "about" information here.

Both English and Scandinavian languages are spoken here!

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How are all?

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Hi I am Nitin , I Like Norway very much from what I read about the beautiful People there and the land off course but could not visit , I am planning to visit Norway with my family this summer September would be good season ? I have saved money with aspiration to visit Norway at least once . Any advice about lodging cost and veg meals , transportation are welcome . Please also tell me about places I must visit in four five days .Thanks

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Had some really good lunch here. Their pizza is on an Italian level :)
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This is at Ægir microbrewery in Flåm. Had a fantastic time there with very special beer and unforgettable views :)
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Hello, my name is Dragan Kajtez, I am 29 years old and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am looking forward to live in Norway. I am looking for job in Norway and I hope that someone here can help me about that. I have lot of skills and I will be good citizen of Norway.

I am Local Guide also, and owner of community Bosnia and Herzegovina Local Guides, I am Regionale Lead at Google Map Maker (Google Maps) and also I am Trusted Photographer - Google Street View.

This is my personal website about me and my skills:

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Ny funksjonalitet i Local Guides:
(foreløpig kun gjennom Google Maps-app på Android-telefoner)

* Kvalitetssikring av andres endringer på steder.
* Få opp tips til steder som trenger oppdatering.

Dette er en kjekk måte å tjene poeng på relativt kjapt.

Les mere på lenken under!

I am a local guide situated at the northwestern part of Norway. I do have a lot of general knowledge on several places and areas in Norway, but specialize on these areas:

* South eastern part - Oslo, Oppland, Hedmark
* North western part - Møre & Romsdal (including Ålesund, Molde, Kristiansund)
* Northern part - Nordland, Troms

Lyst til å redigere i Google Maps? Kjekt med et community som liker det samme som deg? Vil du gjerne diskutere med flere lokale rundt deg om hva som er lurt eller ikke lurt?

* Begynn med å redigere lokale steder her:
* Bli med i det globale communityet her:
* Lag din egen lokale community - men følg retningslinjene her så er det enklere å få godkjent din community som "offisiell":

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Man kan oppnå personlige fordeler ved å være Local Guide. Les mere her!
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