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He sat twiddling the soul in his hand. Wondering what or where he was going to put it. He needed to make sure it was safe the next few hundred years, til his servitude was considered fulfilled. It was Addi. His angel. His light. His reason for doing this horrid deal. His soul would belong to Satan at the end, and hers would be at rest. Making this all worth it

The book opened and the pages began to flip, before landing on a name and location. He drew a breath and slowly changed into the form that allowed his passage through the underworld and into purgations depths. The smell of putrid sulphuric waste and an ungodly heat accompanied the screams as he wove his way through the maze of darkened caverns

Seeing his brother sitting upon his thrown, surrounded by woman, having food and sexual favors fed to him, made Abacus pause. He truly had embraced the whole role of the King of Darkness. His ego was massively growing by the day.

I saw the name in the book brother. He snarled as he approached, kicking at one of the females that had reached for him I will not take Ana's life nor soul. You're making me choose a life I once loved for a best friend and someone who keeps balance within me. I'll not do it. I'll not be taking it.

He watched as his brother pushed everyone away and approached him, his eyes flashing red

Oh, you'll collect the soul I tell you to collect. There is no discussion. There is no bargaining Abacus. I will tell you what though, you're right. The vampire isn't quite a payment enough. No, I think I'd like a matching set of mischief making Djinns. So, the name has changed. Now go, tick tock. You have a mere few hours.

Ab turned and left, not saying a word for fear his mind would change. He held no ties to the Djinns and would have no problem getting it back. She should never have had it returned anyways. The thought made him pause, truly understanding what the passing comment meant. He was truly embracing what he was. Truly becoming the role he agreed to play and now, he had a djinn to visit, and a drink was exactly what he needed

+Sylver Jinni
+Dimitri Christos

+Kiara Shaitan  and he had made the customary round through the bar when they arrived.  At first there was only a smattering of demons and such milling about.  As the night wore on, more and more showed up.  Judging by the amount of demons and what levels they were, this could prove to be a very interesting night. 

Now it was time for him to stand back and watch what was going to happen.  He had to be aware of all of the movement within the hierarchy of Hell.  Most importantly was his female, but second was his well being.  He needed to know who, or what, was going to be in command. 

His back was pressed against the cool cement wall, a bottle of Macallan 1939 dangling between his fingers.  His eyes carefully watched the crowd, making sure that none of them got too close to his female to cause her any harm.
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