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Enjoy the digital, color version of today's new issue of THE PIONEER!  And have a great Spring Break!

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Enjoy the Senior Issue 2015 of THE PIONEER!

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Respond to this article about why THE GREAT GATSBY is still relevant for students to study today.

I feel that the American dream is not dying off because even today some people are still able to achieve it.The dream can be achieved if you are able to put in the work. The people who feel that they will not achieve the dream are the ones who give up on trying to achieve it. As long as the dream involves being financially secure I am sure it will never die and people will strive to accomplish the dream because the rewards are great. 

This issue contradicts the belief of the standard "American Dream," especially for immigrants trying to live a batter life, or young adults trying to find their way. The American Dream has changed most likely after the diminishing of the middle-class. The rich are becoming richer, and the poor are facing more issues with poverty. A modern example would be standard UFC fighters. Many UFC fighters come to the U.S. to make use of their dream. Instead they usually struggle financially with their career, usually living together in apartment condos, and sharing the rent.  I would define the "American Dream" as more of experiencing American culture and abiding with the neighbors and friends surrounding them. Especially mentioned in this article, with the issue of trying to financially strive through, that dream is now dying.

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I think that the  "America Dream" is still there mentally, but the actions to reach the dream are long given up on. People in past centuries came to the USA for better living standards, more rights, and more income. All for the benefit of their families. Today there are Countries just as great, or even better than the United States. Today society focuses on on person and on one word and that's , you. People strive to do things for themselves  alone instead of as a community, society, or family. 

Living the American Dream today means being able to provide for yourself and your family. I think that because of circumstances related to the economy The American Dream has changed. Saif and his parents like most middle class families have achieved the American Dream by being successful in their career and living comfortably.

I think that the "American Dream" is dying due to the governments attempt at fixing the economy and its constant failures by both parties the people have little to no money. And with the constant economic changes their are low job securities for the people to maintain a good way of life for themselves and their families.

People back then came to the United States to have a future. People came to America to live a life of happiness and freedom. They came here to fulfill their dreams and have jobs that can provide for their families. Sometimes I feel like the "American Dream" has changed. I think the meaning behind it is the same but the way the economy is and with everything going on in the world people are not able to live the "American Dream".

I think that the "American Dream" is not dying off, I believe it is starting to come true. Yes some people are more financially stable than others and it's because of hard work, from yourself, father, mother, great grandma, any of them. People believe that the American Dream is supposed to be handed to them just because they're in America, that's not true. People work hard for where they at in life. The American Dream is freedom, happiness, and being financially stable. All of the those reasons you have to work for it. That's what I think the American Dream is. Working hard to accomplish your goals in life.   
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