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1) Be Kind To Others
2)No Killing Other Characters, unless the owner of the character says it's ok
3)Don't Be Over Powering
4)Follow The Profile Template
5)Do not start a rp without having your profile approved first
6) if you aren't approved, you can still rp, just can't make one
7) Do Not Harrass
8) Be respectfull to other species
9)have Fun

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Name Harrington
Age 500
Race Halfbreed Vampire
Gender male
Bio He was a good friend to Queen Elizabeth the first. He's very loyal to his friends (if he had any) he's a rouge and nearly trusts anyone. His mother was killed in a fire when he was only 7.

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Name: Jake Elliott
Age: 235
Species: Halfbreed Vampire
Gender: Male
Bio: Thinks about nothing but his brother Davids safety. He and his brother witnessed their parents death by burning @ the stake he's vowed to keep his brother from harm Hus worst fear is losing David.

Name David Elliott
Age 233
Species Halfbreed Vampire
Gender male
Bio He's gentle and kind but don't underestimate him for he is more than capable in taking care of himself. After witnessing his mothers death he's become deathly afraid of fire.

Name Ryley Halkins
Age unknown
Species full blood Vampire
Gender male
Bio no one knows when he was bitten but ever since he's tried to find the one who turned him. The rest is unknown even to him
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Brothers in blood rp
Anyone interested? Its about two half breed Vampire brothers who are awakened after a long sleep. Sam a young girl finds them and wakes them. I'll put more and put profiles later too.

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Name: Queen Rose
Nickname: Roselina
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Likes: loves turning humans into vampire and drinking blood and having sex
Dislikes: being killed and crying
Personality: nice , evil rotality
Bio: a vampire queen that rules all vampire and loves to make humans fall in love with her
Weapons: Queen Vampire Sword
Skills: Fighting humans and Bites 

sleeping in the bed and u come and see me sleeping

Wanna rp
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