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Name : Reizarb M.Litroma.
His mother's first name(Mary) is succeed as his Middle name.He feels responsible with his middle name.

Age : 92.
He stopped counting His age when He was 54 years old.
(Even He doesn't care about the other's birthday.)

Gender : Male.

Likes : Sour sweets,Who is very noisy(which means can lead him to speak)

Dislikes : Who is quiet,any insects Die,Insect!

Bio : a Half-blood from the different species,which is phoenix and human.
So Reizarb doesn't have father's DNA because Phoenix doesn't have flesh and blood,but made of soul.

Personality :
Basically looks coldhearted,but He inherently has kind heart.
He is just acting to be Outsider by himself.

Image : Down there.

Magic : He usually use 'Firecraft'.
His appearance can makes fire and control it.
It is because he has enough Mana(magical energy) to fill the air around him and burn.

Weapon : Mace that is made of grey dragon's bone.


I just wonder what I'm doing at thid midnight Stupidly.
3 O'clock,Am.


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Name: Nicholas
Nickname: Black Shard
Age: 32
Date of birth
December 31st
Personality: Docile, perceptible, understanding.


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Requesting to transfer Ama Pinta and her companion Fae onto the community.
I'll add a link to Fae's profile in the comments.

Who wants to rp?

Sleeping in a Forest

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(First picture is by +Lucy Bright. The others are by me.)
Name: Keatana Kura
Age: 405
Gender: female
Likes: swordplay, mischief
Dislikes: drawing attention to herself, prejudice
Bio: Keatana was once a merciless dragon hunter, driven by rage at her sister's senseless murder at the hands of an ice dragon. Her village was attacked out of nowhere, completely flattened to the ground by the dragon's powerful wings. Vixie, Keatana's young sister, was abducted by the dragon. The Kitsune spent centuries seeking them out... When she finally found the dragon, he wore her sister's pelt around his neck, like a trophy from a hunt. Blinded by rage, she slew the dragon. Afterwards she stumbled upon the dragon's nest. After burying her sister's pelt, she returned to the nest and took the single egg within. From this egg hatched Keatana's first dragon, Alpa. Keatana hated her, hated what her father had done... So throughout Alpa's life, Keatana used her as a mount, to help her with her dragon hunting needs. Around two decades later, Alpa was found and rescued by Kuro and Shino Raiden. Kuro had considered himself a friend of Keatana's until then. Keatana soon found another dragon partner who, with time and effort, successfully brought her to see the error in her ways; none of the dragons she killed would bring Vixie back. She freed him and ceased hunting for a time. Yet, having done it so long, she found herself unable to stop for too long. She remains a huntress for hire, though she now only hunts dragons that plague humans; dragons she consider to be evil, as opposed to whatever brings her the most cash.
~Recent Bio: An encounter with the rider Peter Frostwave led her to renounce her title as a dragon hunter and ally herself with the riders. Of course, she still isn't really trusted among them...
Personality: Keatana is short-tempered and often rude towards others. As she prefers to keep her nature as a fox a secret, she tends to avoid crowds of people. She feels immense guilt due to her past, and is constantly trying to find a way to make up for it. While she is interested in God, her inability to enter churches makes it difficult for her to learn anything about Him; to her, He is a vague concept
Appearance: In human form, Keatana has fair skin and sharp golden eyes. Her short-cropped brown hair fades to a pale cream at the tips. She wears a necklace of pearls at all times. Her main outfit is composed of a low-cut white shirt, a short beige skirt that allows her to move easily, white leggings, leather boots, and a leather jacket for colder weather. However, her fire magic keeps her warm fairly easily, so the jacket is mostly for show. Underneath her clothes, she wears a thin cloth armor enchanted to protect her as much as normal armor. Her fox ears and tails are normally hidden by an illusion. In fox form, Keatana is covered with thick brown fur; pale cream fur is on her cheeks, muzzle, legs, and tailtips. A long swoop of fur covers her right eye. She still wears her necklace of pearls, though her normal armor is replaced by small plates on her shoulders. She has four tails; one for each century she has lived.
Magic: Like all Kitsune, she has the ability to shift between fox and human form. Purple foxfire can be summoned and used for attacks, and she can also create many different illusions. All this is done through the use of leaves. She seems to feed on the life force of the one who loves her, draining his energy and eventually killing him. Although her armor is thin and lightweight, it is enchanted to protect her as much as normal armor.
Weaknesses: She wears a necklace of pearls around her neck, the largest of which is her hoshi no tama. This pearl contains her soul; without it with her, she would slowly die. She would die immediately if it were shattered. Without access to leaves, she would be unable to use her shapeshifting or illusion abilities. She is also weak to the Water and Light elements. Due to her nature as a demon/spirit/yokai, she is unable to enter churches and other holy buildings; attempting to do so makes her ill and causes physical pain, and may result in her losing consciousness.
Weapon: A sword dubbed "Fi" after a legend from Keatana's childhood; it has a golden hilt set with small gems and a silver blade powerful enough to cut through some dragon scales like butter.
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Gender: male
Personality: intelligent,kind,
Likes: Darkness,extremly cold places,nice people
Dislikes:sun,being with people,small places, liars
Weapon:a indestructible black sword
Magic:shadow magic.
(Shadow)can shadow travel,make people not move,can heal himself,Make weapons,attack with it.make illusions,
Complete later

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Character profile requirements:
Name: Jase
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Likes: Fire
Dislikes: Ice
Bio: A fire mage who befriended a dragon and enjoys fighting
Personality: Hot headed, fight happy
Image: Muwahahahaha
Magic: Fire (Core) and Transformation (Transformation)
If you are trying to transfer, paste a link to original creation:
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