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Decided to Make Episode 1 OF Wrath of The Vampire Queen Free On Gamejolt and Go Grab your Copy. :D #gamingdev #gamingdevelopment #gamedevoloper #gamedev #gamedevelopment #indiedevelopment #indiegaming #indie #indiehorrorgame #indiehorror #indiegaming #indiedeveloper

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Let's play: Submerged

#Gaming #Gamersunite #Letsplay #Indie #Youtubegaming #YoutubeGamer #Firstperson

Welcome back to another one and done. Today i bring a indie game called Submerged! Where i find myself in a submarine thats slowly breaking down. There's probably nothing in here thats gonna kill me right? Yeah i will probably be fine. But theres always that monster thats blind. But it wont get me. So i should be fine. Unless the submarine sinks first. How will i escape this submarine and what will happen to me at the end? Will get killed by the monster or will i simply run out of breath. Find out today. Enjoy :).

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Resident Evil 5 Collab W/ Razorhog444 #6

#gameplay #Letsplay #gaming #youtubegaming #Gamersunite #youtubegamer #collab #Coop

Welcome back to Resident evil 5 Collab With Razorhog444! Ib today's Video me and razorhog444 continue where we left off and this time we continue where we left off and i have to get razor across the water without him being a croc food. My fingers get really tired after hauling Chris across the water. Then we left that place then we meet up with josh and then we get ambushed! Will we get out with our lives? Or will we get killed a horrible death find out in today's video! enjoy :)

today's video will be up tomorrow at the normal :)

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Not Alone | Requested by Razorhog444

#Gaming #Gamersunite #Horror #Indiehorror #Youtubergamer #Youtubegaming #Letsplay #Indie #Scary #Spooky #FirstPerson #Survival

Hey Everyone im Back! Sorry for the delay in videos im dealing with family issues atm but im pushing my self to get back into youtube and game deving alot more. Dont worry im not quiting or aything.
Today i bring you a game thats an indie horror called Not Alone. this was also requested by Razorhog444 he said to try it out and give it a try. I have to explore abandoned hospital oh boy i dont like the feeling how this game is starting off already. I feel like im not alone in this abandoned Hospital. I feel theres something or someone watching my every step and move. So i hope i dont die here. Hopefully i can see what i want to see and get out quickly before anything happens... maybe Anyways Enjoy :)

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Mickey Mouse Plays | Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Smile 🐀🎙😱😨🔦

Welcome to Jeff the Killer Horrendous Smile! In today's video Mickey Mouse is back to play another horror game for u guys. In this video Mickey plays Jeff the Killer Horrendous Smile for u guys he also gets attacked by Jeff the Killer. How will Mickey Act during this Let's play? Will Mickey Run for his life or will he fight back? Will Mickey Ever go back to sleep and wake up from this Nightmare? Find out today when Mickey Plays Jeff the Killer Horrendous Smile.

#Gaming #Horror #Indie #Gamersunite #Youtubergaming #Youtubegamer #Indiehorror

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Grendel: Fiend From Hell

#Gaming #Horror #Gamersunite #Indiehorror #Youtubegaming #youtubegamer #Fps #Indie

Welcome to Grendel Fiend from Hell another Game made by Poison games! In today's video i am brave warrior who must save this town from Grendel the Monster that has been terrorizing this villagers. I will Make this Grendel figure pay with its dear life. I hope i can succeed on this adventure and save the villagers from this monster. Will i be able to achieve this quest and take such beast down? Find out today! Enjoy :)

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Obscuritas Finale | Was it All a Dream 💀😱😨🔦

Welcome back to Obscuritas! In today's Episode i must hurry and shut down the portal that started this whole adventure before anything decides to come through. I have to make steam leave a room to open a door from three different rooms then i have pull fuses to plug the plug on the portal. But Wait.. theres a plot twist to this finale i wonder what it is.. Find out Today Finale of obscuritas.

#Gaming #Gamersunite #horror #Adventure #fristperson #puzzle #obscuritas #youtubegamer #youtubegaming

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Obscuritas #12 | Running From A Hellhound

Welcome back to another Episode of Obscuritas! I Today's video i get chased down by a hellhound. Its literally behind me and i must flee and run and try to escape without slowing down. Which way do i go? I must hurry and not mess up or i will surely meet my end. I just hope i can out run this hellhound and make my escape. Enjoy :)

#Gaming #Gamersunite #Horror #Adventure #Firstperson #Puzzle #Obscuritas #Youtubegamer #youtubegaming

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Check out @Razorhog444 new video
Secret Experiments Mission 2 -The Outbreak its o his channel :)
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