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Decided to Make Episode 1 OF Wrath of The Vampire Queen Free On Gamejolt and Go Grab your Copy. :D #gamingdev #gamingdevelopment #gamedevoloper #gamedev #gamedevelopment #indiedevelopment #indiegaming #indie #indiehorrorgame #indiehorror #indiegaming #indiedeveloper

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FNAF: Sister Location Highlights

#gaming #FreedomFamily #horror #Gamersunite #FNAF #Highlightvideo #indiehorror

Welcome to another Highlight video! Today i bring FNAF Sister location Highlights filled with failure, WTF Moments or just out of the ordinary BS That will make you go why. Please Enjoy the Highlight video :)

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Unboxing Video #11 3 Year Anniversary (With Razorhog444) Gifts From Razorhog444

#unboxingVideo #Vlog #FreedomFamily #unboxing #unbox

Welcome to a Special Unboxing Video! I might be unboxing stuff i got. But Today is a Special Today for me well not just me. You see its me And Razorhog444 3 year Anniversary of being together. Lets's See what i got From my Sweet loving boyfriend Razorhog444.

Today's video will be alittle late today sorry bout that xc

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Among The Sleep #2 | Baby GamerVampires On The Move Again

#Gaming #Gamersunite #FreedomFamily #Horror #indie #Adventure #dark

Welcome to Another Episode of Among the Sleep! In today's video, we start to get further into the game. We Head to place where apparently there's a forest and woods growing in a house? I dont't like where this is going. Not to mention im not alone out here. There's a monster out there that wants to haunt me and Baby GamerVampires.

Sorry there isnt a video today xc i know i promise a video today. I know i said there would be Among The Sleep video. But things got outta schedule today. but ill try to get that video out tuesday for guys cause its not gonna make it this week . There's a lot happening here.

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Urgent Important Update

#Monthlyupdate #FreedomFamily #Vlog #Update

Just A Quick Update of Whats gonna Happen Soon and Very soon. Just talked Bout a few important things regarding A Temporary Schedule Change and Uploading videos and How im gonna plan it.

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Slenderman Must Die: Abandoned Graveyard | Does This End The Eternal Feud?

#Gaming #FreedomFamily #Gamersunite #Horror #Fps #Indie #Indiehorror

Welcome to Another Indie Horror Game Made By Poison Games! Today i Bring you another Chapter of Slenderman Must Die: Abandoned Graveyard. In This Chapter, we bring the fight to Slenderman and have to burn his body to End his Existence! Does it work? All we can hope he stay dead this time. But Slenderman Isnt Alone guarding his Body. He brings his A-Game and Brings Slenderclown, A Bunch oF Skeletons and His New Self along with him.

Im sorry not having a video on Friday or a highlight video. There's been alot happening where I'm at. I know there's no excuse but just understand... I'm dealing with alot right now. I just people to understanding at this point. Videos continue monday.
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