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Hello! I don't have this game but I'm a friend of jeff chen, who is currently in this commu. and a complete geek about HOTS and WOL.

HoTS CE owner
Nick: AliGeek
Race: Zerg
Level: Casual ^^
APM: 100-250

starcraft://group/2/9148  - The Google Plus All Stars :) - A casual group for anyone on G+

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Thought our Stracraft2 community might like this..

Thank You +michael interbartolo 

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic

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Would be nice to play this on my nexus10. Would be even better with a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse

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i want zerg so bad and my ingame name is turboa5

lol i was playing last night lol i am a newbie to sc2 
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