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1 : Make a profile with the Template (Clean copy in the comments)
2 : Your profile needs to be approved before you start to RolePlay
3 : No sexual pictures/RP
4 : Don't Spam
5 : Only Owners and Mods can be teachers
6 : Don't use the same Name as someone else because it gets confuseing
7 : Same for Pictures ↑
8 : Don't ask for Mod!
9 : No bullying!
10 :Listen to the Owners and Mods!

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~Cocas Profile ~

Species:Fennec fox
Bio:A small Fennec fox named Coca lives on her own,She had parents but they passed from a car accident.She Likes to draw but keeps it to herself.She has dark purple glasses cause of her being near sighted.Shes also a 'nerd'
Likes:Coffee,Quite,Drawing,being alone,Pumpkins
Dislikes:Being so short,Sports,fancy shoes,Dresses,Cheetos.
Relationship status:Single Pringle

(open RP)
Jake wasn't at school all week, then Friday you didn't see him in class, then after the first class of the day, you walk out, and see Jake sitting on the hallway just outside

Scully Floats around

Kevin walked out of school and to the courtyard, he sat at one of the benches and started doing homework, after he was done, he got up and left to a good sandwich shop, he ordered his usual and sat down, you-

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Name Joshua Peterson

Age 18

Date of birth 7/4/1998

Gender Male

Sexuality Straight

Species Irish Terrier (Canine)

Nationality Irish

Positive traits Kind, caring, very helpful; it's what us irish do best, loves being around little kids, smart, funny

Negative traits Can be stubborn at times, can be a bit temperamental at times

Likes Being outside, loves to play football and video games, any type of fried food

Dislikes Nothing much really, except for douchebags who bully women

Bio I was born shortly after my parents and my two older sisters moved to the united states. I have a loving but sometimes nagging mother and a father who cares for me and taught me the things i need to know to get through life and sent me to this school to get a GED in engineering

Crush None

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Name: Scully
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Skeleton Cat Ghost
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: Pretty shy, adventurous, eccentric and naive
Bio: N/A
Likes: Dogs, Pasta and Blue
Dislikes: Lions, Metal rock and People scared by her
Crush: None
RelationShip Status: Single pringle
Birth: January 23rd
Death: December 30th 2011

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Hey guys just a random question??

If I was to do a halloween party rp, which one of these should be Poppy's costume?
School Girl
Harley Quinn
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Name: Poppy Retriever
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: golden retriever
Sexuality: straight
Bio: (Still working on it)
Likes: reading, drawing, swimming, music
Dislikes: jerks , spiders
Crush: Zero (My bf fursona, the black and red wolf in some pictures)
RelationShip Status: taken
Grade~ 11th
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Name: Calir
Age: 18
Gender: Transgender
Species: Anthro Wolf (Wolf)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Bio: Classified, they might reveal it to you if they trust you.
Likes: Sunsets, Fiction, Few Others
Dislikes: Dogs, Some Cats, Bullying, Jerks, Few Others
Crush: None (Open)
RelationShip Status: None

+Lucy The Australian Shepherd
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