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Find me on here and book me today for your next party/event!:)
Email me at or call/text me at (765) 481-7224.
Thank you!

~John Patrick Kennedy

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This is a #jazz #christmas album we put together recently. You can listen to the entire thing for #free here on YouTube!
"We Three Kings" was a song which incorporates the modal forms of songs like "So What" with traditional jazz chord forms. The arrangement was inspired by the likes of John Coltrane and Miles Davis.
I hope you enjoy the #music ! h

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AS sound rental
we rent sound systems.
pa, maryland, florida

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“Les stars du rap créole Princess Eud et Ded Kra-Z font des vagues dans leur Haïti natale, et à écouter l’album Joupam, on comprend aisément pourquoi : c’est une véritable bombe dansante qui met de bonne humeur. En concert, le duo parvient à mettre le public dans sa petite poche avec ses performances scéniques captivantes. "
Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z is invited to perform at the POP Montreal Music Festival from September 16th to 20st 2015. The show will take place Sept 17 at Balattou (4372 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H 2W 1Z5). Performance time is 12:20am.

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available for christian gospel concerts

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As a jazz artist I've found it helps to be more creative to get gigs. For example, most bands, or features (like me) have a lot of standard jazz repertoire geared towards the key performer. It does make for good music, but since most gigs I do are weddings and parties for people under sixty, they have no clue what song I'm playing. 
This for me was the solution, to rearrange pop tunes in different settings related to jazz. 
The best part is you get something most jazz artists never get, "Hey, I know that song!". 
This isn't a new concept at all, but for local jazz bands it certainly is. It's not just the same changes from the original tune, and it's something not in the Real Book (ha!). 
#tips   #music   #performers   #jazz   #artists  

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Dunbar's most popular poem comes alive! Check it out!

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"Raised By Woman" by Kelly Norman Ellis with a twist of Oni on a Ashbury Bass geetar! 

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