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Name: Ace Señga (Its still pronounced as Senga)
Age: 24
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
Residing: Manhattan, New York
Birthday: May 20
Class: Heavyweight
Fighting Style: Moves adapted from King from TEKKEN
Side: Heel
Status: Single
Jumping Powerbomb: Powerful pumphandle slam WITHOUT THE HUMPING
SengaSlam: Strong Chokeslam rise (But not being held by the throat. Me and the opponent is facing forward. Carried by chest/torso) followed by a Powerful slam to the mat. (Done by turning around). With the opponent's arm around my neck.
Vertigo: A powerful suplex done first with a jump.
Jailyard Trap: Kimura Lock
The Last Cry: Cross-legged samoan driver.
RARELY USED Double Underhook Package Piledriver.
Snap Single Underhook facelock drop
Burning Hammer: Backbreaker rack dropped into a DDT.
Plunge: Rolling Fireman Carry Slam
Crucifix slam: High Cross without theatrics
Discus Punch/Spinning Backfist
Flapjack to the turnbuckle
Attire: Below
Appearance: I kinda look like Andrew Garfield with the beard (I wear glasses)

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Ladies and gents! I present to you your new camp hottie!!!

Name: Ricardo Zircon Amir Perez

Nickname: Zico

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 147

From: Compton, California

Originally from: Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York

Residing in: Virginia beach, Virginia

Likes: gaming, sports, partying, dancing and most Mung Daal voice XD the ladies.

Dislikes: annoying people, people who get on his nerves, thots, sneak dissers and fake people.


Roommates: --

Family in WWE: none

Girlfriend: none yet

Backstory: Known as the top dog when it comes to sports, he needs his scholarship so he could go to college for sports but all he needs is a wrestling scholarship and he's good. But then he tended to like the sport a bit more so he came to the camp to learn more about it so he can get his future career.

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Name: Monique Duncan

Nicknames: Mo, Momo, Nique, and Moni

Age: 16

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 124

Gender: female

Likes: challenges, competition, people who hate on her ( it just fuels her energy)

Dislikes: ratchet people, thots and thotchets

Cabin: G8

Roommates: --



Crush: Zico

From: Hollywood, California

Originally from: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Residing in: Baton Rouge. Louisiana

Family in WWE: Draya (older sister)

Backstory: She came to WWE camp to finish what her sister started....dominate and elevate to the top of the food is she gonna do it? By fighting and clawing her way to the top. But why wrestling though? She chose wrestling because it shows how divas like Nazalia, Draya and The Bells came to the top by dominating and when she gets to WWE she wants to be that diva in the future.

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(((((+Lost Dreamz​ and +Historia Biersack-Quinn-Fuentes-Gaskarth​))))))

Ailee is returning from her vacation meanwhile both girls have something planned for her

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Sometimes Ailee is Johnna and sometimes she is Jules xD
Ailee 💖
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Name: Ailiyia Camaro Orton

Nicknames: Ailee, Lilee, and Liya

Mostly known as: Ailee

Age: 15

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 122

Cabin: G12

Roommates: Michelle and Kaya

Boyfriend: none

Crush: yes

Likes: FNAF, MLP, Food, her family, anime, manga, etc.

Dislikes: rude people

Besties: Kaya and Michelle

Originally from: St James, Guyana

From: Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY

Residing in: Kansas city, Missouri

👉Luna (older sister)
👉Nzinga (older cousin)
👉Taiga (family friend)
👉Randy (oldest brother in law)
👉Skaiie (crazy sister in law)
👉Matt (mopey brother in law)
👉Chase ( little cousin)
👉Cana (little cousin)
👉Sakura (baby cousin)
👉Rochelle (baby niece)

Backstory: Inspired by her older sister, cousin and mentor she wanted to be in WWE to show that not all beauty doesn't come in brawn. She comes here to prove herself worthy to not only the Orton family but the camp counselors as well.

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Name: Giovanna Von Mises

Nicknames: Gia and Vanna

Age: 15

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 108

Likes: singing, dancing, acting, performing, camping, pro wrestling, MTV2, Fuse, BET, Hip hop, rap, trap and etc

Dislikes: anyone who makes fun of her, her awkward personality, boys not noticing her

Gender: Female, duh XD

From: Omaha, Nebraska

Originally from: Springfield, Illinois

Residing in: Corpus Christi, Texas

Birthplace: Portland, Oregon

Family in WWE: none

Friends: Sam, Ailee, Kaya, and Michelle

Rank: returnee

Cabin: G7 ( a.k.a. Taiga's cabin)

Roommates: Sam

Boyfriend: none

Crush: Zico

Idols: the wild n out girls

Ethnicity: Italian, African American, and Cherokee

Backstory: Vanna is a loner who has very little friends in her school. She comes to WWE Camp because she feels like that is the only place she belongs and where she can be herself. At age 12, back in Springfield she always had the dream of being a WWE diva and making her mark in the company, but everyone even her parents tell her that she's too pretty to one of those sweaty wrestlers and its not her calling which is why she started to idolize all of the pretty divas like Juno Rhodes, Samus, Genevieve, Ashe Langley and most importantly: Taiga. She wants to prove everyone who told her no about being a diva wrong and she wants to make an impact on the WWE roster once she gets older. 

Cabin: G6
Jinx: Girls... Where's Paige?

((Open RP))

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Name: Kayle Knight
Age: 17
Nickname: Jinx
From: Norwich, England
Gender: Girl
Likes: Pranks, bands (BVB, BMTH, Fall Out Boy, Suicide Silence, Pantera, Slipknot, etc.), creepy things, crazy people, horror movies, forests at night
Dislikes: The other things
Personality: Crazy, hot-headed, childish, a little retarded (Sometimes)
Cabin: Seacret♥
Skills: Climbing trees, swimming
Friends: No one
Bio: NO!
Others: She has a mini-gun and a rocket launcher in case of a bear apocalypse (True story), she haves a tatoo on her right arm with a lot of things on it (Like: dragons, skulls, fire, snakes, eyes, black angels)


Name: Chubby
Age: 2
Gender: Girl
Species: Potato
Other: Jinx's Pet
†~Teh awesome Jinx~†
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Ring Name: Phoenix
Age: 24
Finishers: Phoenix Punch(Running hook to the face), Phoenixsault(moonsault off the ropes),and Chokeslam
Signatures: Running big boot,Phoenix slam(Military Press Oklahoma Slam.),and Spear
Weight: 289
Height: 7'
Place: Cameron,TX
Side: Face
Girlfriend: Single
Theme Song: Legacy by EMINEM
Show: RAW
Career Highlights:
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