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Name: Toad
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Toad
Home: Mushroom Kingdom
Likes: Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, princesses in general, sometimes Wendy, helping Peach and Mario, tall girls.
Dislikes: Danger, Things being too quiet,
Powers: Can produce spores from his hat with a number of different effects. His Bomber is even more dangerous then Peach's (fear the puffy mushroom pants)

Is this place dead? Id really wanna do some nintenod hentai ._.

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Name: Khiry Cleveland
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186 lbs
Build: Thin
Sexuality: Straight
Typical Clothing: Just like the picture
Family: Mother(alive) Father(dead)
Personality: Protective, Caring, anxiety, a little timid, quiet, honest
Likes: Beach, Fun, Sleep, music
Dislikes: Bullies, Someone pull his ears, being made fun of
Powers: Sharingun, Element sword
Bio: He was born from his Furry mother, which is a neko & his human father. During his childhood, He has made a lot of friends despite his appearance, but not be able to control his powers. In his middle school years, He has been picked on & have his ears pull. He been getting into fights because of that. During summer vacation, His dad gone ill for 5 straight days, then he died. During his high school, he kept to himself & passed all his class with A's & B's. After school, he clean & take care of the house while his mom work. He is hoping to find love for him & his mom.
Extra: Steam comes out of my ears.
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I am Adrian, a travelling sellsword. A week ago, I entered a stranged land filled with mushroom people, floating blocks, and other oddities. After asking around, I learned there were two seats of power. Princess Peach and Queen Bowser. Apparently they were locked in a power struggle for control over this land. Apparently, Bowser was more wealthy, and seemed to be on the losing side, so I approach her castle to offer my peerless skills, unaware that the two sides were currently in a peace meeting, and easily sneak into the castle.
(Open to female able to play dominant Bowser, as well as optionally Peach and Mario, who will be called Maria.) 
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Any girl who wants to rp as Daisy? I'll be Luigi. I need a dominant and playful girl.
We can decide on the backstory. It can either be in Smash Bros universe or in a made up story.

Name: Dylan
Age: 17(in human)
Height: 7'9
Gender: male
Species: Charizard
Home: ???
Likes: other Charizards
Dislikes: evil stuff
Powers:flamethrower,dragon claw, flying, and solar beam
Looks like a normal Charizard but has a scar on his left eye

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RIP Satoru Iwata, Chief Executive of Nintendo of Japan


Don't Worry...
We Understand


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Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

We just came back from a turf war, and we were about to have some fun

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This is a long post. Admin/mods be sure to read the NOTES section at the end.
Name: DUOSS Core Complete (Final boss, Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth)
Age: ??
Gender: Male programming
Species: AI
Home: Zeograd
Likes: None
Dislikes: The human race
>Stage one: Dual ion cannons (shoulder mounted, move upward from back), fireball shots from arm cannons, short laser bursts scatter fired from head, levitating mines (launched from back), torpedoes (shoulder mounted, wider than ion cannons).
>Stage two: 360 fireball burst from single remaining hand (left), ion burst from hand, punch, swipe, tracking explosion (a random triangle/square will appear below/close to you as a warning).
Final stage: 360 burst of spherical energy blasts, single direction ion beam, scattered energy bursts formerly fired from my head in stage one, four directional rotating energy beams, curving (though criss-crossing not tracking) long energy bursts.
NOTES: My "weak spot" is always my chest. In stages two and three a pink hexagonal crystal, which is my stage three form entirely in fact) can be seen rotating within my chest or is my entire body. Damaging this progresses my stage, however attacking a specific weapon of mine long enough will eventually cause that individual part to be destroyed, making it easier for you to move around without me hitting you. Using an ion beam will slow my movement and rotation speed. I am equipped to combat star ships, not standard characters (eg. Fox McCloud in an Airship = good, same person on foot = bad, and I mean on your end). The photos show my three stages in order. This is a reference video you may use to verify the above information.
I do not god mod as a rule, and I will not use anything beyond my standard in game move set (eg. I won't grab you or pin you to something, but I can punch or swipe at you 'till the cows come home). That said I will happily deviate from the attack patterns in game (eg. not just targeting you, or switching between them at my convenience), and I will acknowledge environmental factors such as asteroids, mountains, generally stuff I can attack (eg. If using an ion cannon on that industrial size fuel storage tank is going to blow you up, I'll blow you up. If you're hiding behind a tree, I'll make a bonfire). I might not always do combat RPs though, so while yes DUOSS's ultimate goal is to destroy Earth, I might take a break to go racing or help a friend in need along the way. Just be sure to take into account the fact that I'm a pretty big guy. If you know Andross from Star Fox then you have a good reference for me.
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Name: King Hippo
Age: ??
Gender: Male 
Species: Human
Home: Hippo Island, South Pacific
Likes: Boxing, Food, Food, Food... did I forget food?
Dislikes: People who beat me, Rapists, Little Mac
Powers: None, Im just a strong badass
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