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Name: Eleanor Rose Macwell
Age: 20
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Pirate
Hometown: A small village in Scotland
Objective: To see the ocean and become a legend just like the pirates in the story books. But also to bring a new light to being a pirate, spreading my riches to the poor and my power and loyalty for good
Hobbies: Writing poetry, drawing and searching for mermaids
How I act: Naive and perceived as innocent, not likes by many other pirates because I'm seen as a mockery, independent, tends to squeak, sometimes shy but very adventurous and feisty.
Gender: Female
Quote: I'm not cute! I'm a pirate for the love of God! Fear me!

Who wants to role play

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Name: Mao Manoru Kiryu
Age: 27
Home: East blue
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Like picture
Blood type: O-
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blood
Who I am: Pirate Captain
Skills: Master swords man
Weapons: same in picture
States: Traveling looking for a crew.
Dream: To be King of the Pirates.
Bio: I was born in the East blue. When I was 4 my father came back from the Navy but it was too late. My mother died when I was 2 and I raised myself. My father too me with him to the Navy. When I turned 19 I ran away from my father and the Navy. I drifted a year before I landed on an island. I trained on the island for 5 years and then takes one year to start out in the world.
Ship: As in the picture
Ship name: Bloody Scarlet
Name of pirates: The Kiryu Pirates
Flag: As in the picture but blood red background and black skull
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Gender: Female
Height: 4.5
Weight: underweight 90 lbs
Eyes:Light blue look dark blue at night
 Skills: weaponry , craftsmanship ,  Map drawing , creativity , 
 Weapon(s): Gun , Sword , Hidden Blade.... Some sharp armor 
  Country of origin: Brumita triangle 
Current citizenship:
Job/Occupation: Craftsmanship for weaponry 
 Personality: Nice , caring , Loyal , Skilled , Protective of crew members
Time period: ? Recent?
Bio: I am the only one who knows the way out and in the Brumita Triangle. My parents left me when i was 13 and only gave me a sword and Armor they took my brother and sister with them.Hope to get some crew mates!!!!!!!!!!
         Ship. S.S Challenger 

Greeting-AYE SCALAWAG Bows If i may be of assistance i am looking for a crew to join me. Aye ... Ill be waiting in my ship. Its at thy docks

I stand on the dock looking at my ship as my belt comes off and falls into the water
Oh no.......looks over dock at the dark blue water
suddenly Slips/falls into the water
Well that's lovely now isn't it....
sighs and starts to look for Belt

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in water

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name- Zoro
Hobbie-Meeting up with Ace or training

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Name: Dark "Chaos" Heart
Age: 18
Race: blood demon
Home Town: unknown
Objective: get rich
Ship: none
Hobbie: reading books
Personality: aggressive, quiet, very protective
Gender: male

(open rp to any) sits at the edge of the docks humming a song

I walk with Dark Heart down the Ally
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