There's an awesome tech company in Nepal with a great mission to love people and see the Gospel go forth. They're looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer (2+ years experience), Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)(2+ years experience), and a Director or VP of Product Management.

Other Opportunities

-Software Developers
-Data Scientists
-Product Managers

Full-time Positions (4 Positions)
Great for intermediate (2-5 yrs experience) Ruby engineers and DevOps engineers. 25-40 year olds with young families. May start with a fellowship or short-term contract.

Fellowships (4 Positions)
Great for senior (5-10+ yrs experience) Ruby engineers and DevOps engineers. 30-50 year olds. Typically 1-4 months with flights and housing paid (stipend or contract fees sometimes applicable, depending on length, experience, size of family, etc)

Internships (4 Positions)
Great for college/university students or recent graduates. Typically 1-4 months with subsidized flights and/or housing.

Mentoring Program (2 Positions)
Great for very senior (10+ yrs experience) Ruby engineers and DevOps engineers. 30-50 year olds. Typically 6 month commitment with biweekly mentoring calls/skype with light email or messaging in between. (No compensation in most cases but stock options may be applicable in some cases.)

Know anyone interested?

Email me.

Bridge Institution is looking for Christian CEOs or solo entrepreneurs who hear God's voice and have staffed their companies with developers and engineers who also hear God's voice. Bridge Institution is contracting with multiple firms to create new systems of systems with emergent capabilities. Our technology and methods come directly from God and are incredible beyond imagination. Bridge Institution will train your staff to perform pair programming with the Holy Spirit. We have found that technological innovation proceeds far faster and more smoothly in full partnership with God. If interested, call or text me at 661-609-3632, or email me at

Talent Search: Rock Star, full-stack web app developer!

Hey everyone. We are currently working on an app that turns Scripture memory into a game! While memorizing the Bible is not a game itself, the app will provide goals for its users and add a fun, narrative aspect to the task.

The app will likely be built on the Meteor framework ( We are looking to hire a full-time developer to harness the power of HTML/CSS/Javascript and make this app a reality!

Currently, we are designing UX, prototypes, and concept art. A business plan and pitch are also in the works, and we will be looking to fund this project within the coming months.

Have interest or inquiries? Shoot me a message at

Looking forward to hearing from some of you! Let's code for the Kingdom!

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Hello guys, thank you for creating this awesome community! I'm Sten Ivan and I'm the founder and CEO at StayMarta, a Christian hospitality marketplace connecting various types of accommodation with travelers to rent short-term. We're brand new and currently looking for people in Tech and Marketing to join us as co-founders. It's been challenging to find talents that also believe in our mission, and love the Lord; especially developers! Please don't hesitate to check out our job page and apply if interested. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime. Thanks so much!
Jobs at StayMarta
Jobs at StayMarta

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The 2016 Multi-City Bay Area Code for the Kingdom hackathon is just one week away. You can choose from three locations: San Francisco, Palo Alto, or Fremont. Space is limited so register today using the free code FriendofChris

Awards will include a lunch with Henry Kaestner - Managing Principal at Sovereign's Capital LLC, and Gamification Pioneer Yu-kai Chou, and Josh Kwan, co-founder of Praxis Labs. We think this would be a great opportunity to grow strong relationships with some great leaders.

Awards also include more than $1,000 to best projects based on new and existing code.

Come with your ideas, join with others, and create awesome technology to improve the lives of people in the Bay Area and beyond.

We hope to see you there!!!

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#C4TK San Francisco Bay area Hackathon next weekend 9/23-25 in 3 locations: San Francisco + Palo Alto + Fremont

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Four Things that Kill Your Productivity

Over time I have noticed four things that commonly stop my business clients from being productive. These are personal reflections and I hope they will be a starting point to help you examine why you do what you do and how you do it. 1) That everything is equally important. The truth is it simply […] The post Four Things that Kill Your Productivity appeared first on Dr. John A. King . #drjohnaking #leadership #lifeasleaders

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We just opened up three new positions with Abide in Menlo Park! Check it out at and share it with your friends.
Make a big spiritual impact with a unique startup and fellowship.

We're looking for a design lead, a software engineer and a marketing manager who are passionate about impacting people's lives for Christ. Carpenters Code is a fellowship led by ex-Googlers. Our team is scaling Abide, the leading Christian audio meditation platform, which has hosted over 2 million people from 210 countries in prayer and spiritual reflection since last year.

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We're excited to announce the 1st 14 Cities confirmed to be part of 2016 #globalhackathon Oct. 21-23. There's still time to Lead for your city! We'll add more until Sept. 1! Will you help bring this incredible hackathon to your city? And start spreading the word for participants!
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