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Welcome to the Warrior Cats RP Community! If you join this community and have not read the Warriors series, I highly recommend doing so first! Otherwise have a good time here!


1. No cursing in the community. Use the regular Warriors slang if you want.

2: If you do a mating RP warn people at the top of the post first.

3: Don't pretend to be a mod/owner.

4: Don't make a warrior overpowered. That would seem unfair to others.

5: Bullying will result in a permanent ban from the community.

6: A profile must be approved first. If it hasn't been approved ask a mod.

If you see any of this report to a mod/owner.



Leader: Nightstar (+Eve)
Deputy: Blazetail (+ BlazeTail)
Medicine Cat: Open
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: - Aspensky (+Ara Haan)
Blackfang (+wolf lover)
Bluefang (+wolf lover)
Apprentices: -
Queens: -
Elders: -


Leader: Swiftstar (+BlazeTail)
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Open
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: -
Apprentices: - Foxpaw (+Blazesoul) Mentor: ???

Queens: - Mouseleaf (+Ara Haan) Mouseleaf's kits: Ferretkit
Elders: -


Leader: Crystalstar
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Daybrook
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: -
Apprentices: -
Queens: -
Elders: -


Leader: Featherstar (Reya the Zero)
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Open
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: - Sandpool (+Haruko Hamasaki)
Plumwillow (+Bibee)
Apprentices: -
Queens: -
Elders: -

Loners and Rogues:

//Current Season: Leaf-fall//

//Lore //

//StarClan (Dead Characters)//

SilverStar: Former MistClan Leader (+Tokki Ha-Young)
Amberscar: Former TunnelClan Warrior

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Name: Maplestripe
Age: 18 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Sunclan
Mate: (Open)
Crush: (Open)
Kits: none

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Name- Blaze flame

Age- 15 moons

Gender- She-cat

Rank: Warrior

Clan- sun clan

Mate- open

Kits- none

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{I hope this is okay 😊}

[Full Name]
✶ ᴅɛωᴘɛʟт

✶ тɵო-ʗɑт

✶ 20 ოɵɵɴs

✶ RiverClan
• ───────*.✡️.* ─────── •


[Fur Colors]
✶ Black Fur, Can Appear Deep Grey In The Moonlight
✶ White Splotches On Paws
✶ Spots & Splotches On Spine
✶ White Patch On Underbelly

[Fur Style]
✶ Fairly Messy
✶ Very Fluffy

[Eye Color]
✶ Bright Green

•───────*.✡️.* ─────── •


✶ N/A

✶ Dapplefur

• ───────*.✡️.* ─────── •


[Relationship Status]

✶ N/A // OPEN

• ───────*.✡️.* ─────── •

• ───────*.✡️.* ─────── •

{Other Information}

✶ Warrior

✶ Kind & Sweet: Dewpelt tends to be kind to his Clan, putting everyone before himself. His selflessness shows especially in battle. If anyone from his Clan’s life were to be in danger, he would risk it all to save them.

✶ Rude & Disrespectful: Although Dewpelt is selfless, he can be rude and disrespectful when it comes to unfair treatment by enemies. He tends to mind his own business until confronted rudely, then his short-tempered attitude makes a scene. This has got him in trouble.

✶ Calm & Peaceful: He mainly minds his own business—as stated before— and wants to stay away from everyone. He is always on stand-by for patrols or anything of the sort.

✶ Shy & Quiet: He tends to get very shy around any-cat if a higher rank than him. He feels very uncomfortable and tends to stumble over his words.

✶ Flirty: He hasn’t had much of a flirty side to him. He does try to pay as much attention to his mate/crush if he can.

✶ Any Injury To His Underbelly
✶ Any Injury To His Tail (It’s Sensitive)
✶ Fish
✶ Plump Mouse

He really enjoys taking long walks in the forest on his free-time, and strolling down beside the stream. He’s always wanted to tend to the kits, but could never come close. He likes going on hunting trips because he likes the adrenaline rush of it. He also enjoys the soft pitter-patter of rain on the den.

Dewpelt has personally never liked the thought of death to any of his close family (Dapplefur since that’s the only family he really knows of). He hates feeling guilty and being put down. He also hates when he isn’t trusted, and he hates the thought of being hated. His thoughts consume him sometimes.

Dewpelt never knew his family as much as he’d hoped. His mother was exiled from the Clan, and his father was killed in battle before he could really comprehend what happened. Dapplefur and another Queen raised her younger brother until he grew to walk, talk, and groom himself. The Queen had a second litter of kits and passed during the birth, so Dewpelt really grew up with his older sister being his only person he could count on.

I looked to my left and saw a mouse scattering along the forest floor then I attacked.

I strutted back to camp with a plump vile hanging from my mouth. I galloped towards Rainstorm with a twinkle in my eyes

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Name: Lilyheart

Age: 10 moons

Crush: Rainstorm

Gender: Female

Rank: Warrior

Pelt: Gray and white

Bio: Secretly like other females, loves to hunt and try her best. Was originally a loner but got taken into a clan and try’s to prove herself.

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Name: Berrydrop
Age: 21 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan: BlossomClan
Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: N/A
Mentor: Silentstream (StarClan)

Parents: Reedtail (Father) and Mothwish (Mother)
Siblings: Rushpaw (StarClan) and Herringpaw (StarClan)

Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A

Bio/Story: Berrykit was the only she-cat in the litter. Her brothers, Herringkit and Rushkit liked to tease her in a friendly way. But she was always the one that they would go to if they needed help. Mothwish wanted the best for her kits and kept them from harm's way as much as she could. It failed eventually. As apprentices, Herringpaw, Rushpaw and Berrypaw always explore and got in trouble. As they were walking around the territory, Herringpaw had fallen into the river. He hit his head and was washed away, never to have been seen again. Rushpaw's death followed when he fell off of a tree in the neighboring territory. Mothwish then realized that she wasn't able to save them, but kept trying. She kept Berrypaw from going on border patrols with Silentstream. It actually did good. On a border patrol, a dog had showed up. Silentstream was killed and Reedtail was taken. Berrydrop got her warrior name early and Mothwish was killed. She died protecting her last kit from a snake. Berrydrop had part of her ear ripped off when the snake attacked her next, keeping her alive. Berrydrop is forever thankful for her caring mother, thinking that Mothwish is the reason as to why she is still alive. She promised to do the same for her own kits one day.

Personality: Kind, cautious, playful

Likes: Sleeping, rain, helping in the nursery

Dislikes: Snakes, battles, leaf-bare

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This is a tryout for the SunClan medicine apprentice position.
Name: Foxpaw
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Clan: SunClan
Gender: She-cat
Crush: Open
Mate: None
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 6 moons
Mother: Unnamed SunClan she-cat

Information: She is a loyal cat, but she prefers the life of a medicine cat. She's most interested in herbs and connecting with StarClan. Foxpaw is impatient and doesn't tolerate cats who mess with her. Even though she is impatient, she is kind and fair. Her father was revealed as an unknown kittypet, but his real name is Claw.

Detailed Appearance: Her pelt is orange-and-black like a fox. Apparently, her mother had a fox-like pelt like Foxpaw. Foxpaw's tail is extra bushy and she uses it as a blanket sometimes.
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