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Welcome to the Warrior Cats RP Community! If you join this community and have not read the Warriors series, I highly recommend doing so first! Otherwise have a good time here!


1. No cursing in the community. Use the regular Warriors slang if you want.

2: If you do a mating RP warn people at the top of the post first.

3: Don't pretend to be a mod/owner.

4: Don't make a warrior overpowered. That would seem unfair to others.

5: Bullying will result in a permanent ban from the community.

6: A profile must be approved first. If it hasn't been approved ask a mod.

If you see any of this report to a mod/owner.



Leader: Nightstar (+Eve)
Deputy: Blazetail (+ BlazeTail)
Medicine Cat: Open
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: - Aspensky (+Ara Haan)
Blackfang (+wolf lover)
Bluefang (+wolf lover)
Apprentices: -
Queens: -
Elders: -


Leader: Swiftstar (+BlazeTail)
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Open
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: -
Apprentices: - Foxpaw (+Blazesoul) Mentor: ???

Queens: - Mouseleaf (+Ara Haan) Mouseleaf's kits: Ferretkit
Elders: -


Leader: Crystalstar
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Daybrook
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: -
Apprentices: -
Queens: -
Elders: -


Leader: Featherstar (Reya the Zero)
Deputy: Open
Medicine Cat: Open
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open
Warriors: - Sandpool (+Haruko Hamasaki)
Plumwillow (+Bibee)
Apprentices: -
Queens: -
Elders: -

Loners and Rogues:

//Current Season: Leaf-fall//

//Lore //

//StarClan (Dead Characters)//

SilverStar: Former MistClan Leader (+Tokki Ha-Young)
Amberscar: Former TunnelClan Warrior

Post has attachment For those who want to join the discord RP server.

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Name: Robinsong

Age: 15 moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Warrior

Crush: ((Open))

Parents: Smokeshade and Wolfheart

Siblings: Swiftclaw and Whiteear

Personality: Adventurous, brave, sometimes mischievous, kind, protective with weaker cats against those that are much stronger, very honest, and curious about things all the time.


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Name: Spiritpool

Age: 21 moons

Gender: Female (she-cat)

Clan TunnelClan

Rank: Warrior (wants to be a med cat)

Mate: N/A

Crush: N/A

Bio: She was a kitty pet and got her fur per mentally died

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~Attention Clanners!!!~ There will be a gathering this Wednesday! Due to Blaze's inactivity, I will make the post. ~Ara!~

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°Name° Daybrook

°Gender° Female

°Age° 12 moons

°Home° Sunclan

°Rank° Medicine Cat

~// Relationships \\~

°Crush° N/A

°Mate° N/A

~// Personality \\~


~// Appearance \\~

Straight Black Fur
Ocean Blue Eyes

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//Tryout for Sunclan leader//

Name: Crystalstar
Age: 20 moons
Gender: female
Mate: none open
Clan: Sunclan
Rank: leader
//hope this is enough//

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Hallo, am Førgotten Øak....

I have RP in wolf quest and other RP Communities before so I know what I am basically doing, I have also look at the rules so don't worry but my main questions was going to be...
why is SunClan empty?
Possible answer: IDK

I am unhappy that one clan is totally empty that's why am going to ask/tryout for being SunClan's leader this will probably do nothing to get people to make a cat for this clan but it's on its way.... I know am new but please have a think about me try/ask for the leader rank! i will post a OC profile for a try out when I get a agreeing response in the comments

To: Mods//Owner
From: 0aky//Førgotten Øak <3


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Is this place dead or something.. .-.
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