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Hello and welcome to beginners Roleplay a Rp community for Beginners to help them become better Rpers (Btw Rp stands for Roleplay) so i have made this community, and me and my friends (who are the mods) will help you get to be better roleplayers and there still will be rules that need to be followed: 1. Listen to the mods, they are here to help you, but if you do have a problem let me (crazy guinea pig girl) know and i'll handle it 2. no spam 3. no porn 4. no harassment 5. have fun now here is the profile template: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Species: Appearance: (Or a photo) Bio: (In the Rp world Bio stands for backstory, this is almost always optional to do so you don't have to do a backstory for your character)

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Name: Rebecca (left) Abby (right)
 Age: Rebecca 17 Abby 16
 Gender: Both are female
Personality: Rebecca: athletic, can run faster than most people, gets angry easily, and is a little protective Abby: is super shy and doesn't talk a lot is really protective but she is stronger than most people
 Species: both humans
 Appearance: (in the picture below)
 Bio: When
Rebecca  moved out she took her sister Abby with her and they live in a small town but in a big house her and her sister go to school online

i walk into the store and bumped into you oh i am so sorry hey do i know you? you look familiar

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Oh hatsune miku playing with air in her mouth XD soooooo cute
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