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Hi all perfects and heads!!! This community will help us not only plan our houses well fare but hand in hand, the schools welfare too.
+Diya Singh​​​​​​ +Vanshika Mittal​​​​​​ +Sai Pratyusha​​​​​​are the current people. We are looking for more
+Diya Singh​​​​​​ is our Hufflepuff Prefect
+Vanshika Mittal​​​​​​ is our Ravenclaw Prefect
+Sai Pratyusha​​​​​​ is our Gryffindor Prefect +Latika Satapathi​​​​​ is our Gryffindor head girl
+Dina Arnold​​​​ is our Slytherin Prefect
+Prince Benjamin of Auradon​​ as head boy
+Beauty Rose Charming​​ as head girl
+Tiny Tartan​ is our mod, who hasn't yet joined the community

Our community is not very active. Being the leaders of the group, I think it is our duty to see how to make out more active. Any ideas?

+Dina Arnold+Diya Singh+Vanshika Mittal+Latika Satapathi+Prince Benjamin of Auradon+Beauty Rose Charming​ please post for fan day!!! Topic is Hermione Granger +Tiny Tartan​ you too. I can't keep posting

Hi guys.
I feel our community is getting really inactive. I also think that the other community, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, which most of you are part of and +Beauty Rose Charming​ is owner of, is really inactive. Were need to find ways of keeping the communities going.
I am not for promoting everybody because some of them are not even online ever. They can't do anything. Sine haven't even created a profile.
I think that all of us here should be more active. That is what is needed. For us to set an example and the rest to follow.
For this, I'll set a goal. 2 posts a day in or community. I know that you all are active almost everyday. I will make it a point to check. Please keep that up. That's how or followers will stay constant

So what are your ideas to make our club more popular? Amy events we can hold or any ideas at all? This is one job after all!
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