I wonder can wolfponies live in hollow shades too?

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Name: sir n1ghtmar3 / dreamcatcher
Race: earth pony
Age: 17
Gender: stallion
Bio: fear feaster
Talent: uses the fear of others
Story: born from fear to rid others fears
Cutie mark: dark top hat/dreamcatcher
Likes: fun,war(rarely),and epic parties
Dislikes: boring things, arguments, and weird moments 

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Name: Magma Thunder
Age: 23
Pony type: Pegasus (Phenomena)

standing on top of the clock tower

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Really age unknown look 19 tho
Bat Pegasus
Bio: mother was killed by father and everything else is a blur

1: NO NSFW! If things are going there make a private post
2: Sign up before RPing so we know who you are
3: The town can grow and get new areas at requests
4: Share the comunity to help it get more members.
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