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Listening To Eternel Toi Le Dieu redoutable by Unknown on CMFI ONLINE App

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When you share Jesus and The Good News Of The Gospel....with ' each ' person that you meet..... You Teach and Share... The Greatest Love Story Ever.

My brother, my sister, my friend

If just like me, your life was only failing, or you would spend difficult moments and troubles, I would like to share with you Amos 9 v 11

... one day the Lord said,

I will restore you

I will repair your breaches

I will straighten your ruins

I will rebuild you as you used 

This day is now! It's today!!!

Be blessed

Mon frère, ma soeur, mon ami (e)

Si tout comme moi ta vie
n'a été qu'echec ou tu passes des moments difficiles et troubles je voudrais partager avec toi Amos 9 v 11
"Un jour, dit le Seigneur,
Je te remettrai en état
Je reparerai tes brèches
Je redresserai tes ruines
Je te reconstruirai comme tu étais autrefois"

Ce jour c'est maintenant! C'est aujourd'hui!!!

Sois bénis!

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